Best It job in UAE

Best It job in UAE

Many skilled workers from all over the globe are setting their sights on Dubai as the city develops into a premier destination. Jobseekers are drawn to Dubai by the city’s reputation for high standards of life and promising professional prospects. I’ve compiled a list of the top 20 highest-paying careers in Dubai. According to a poll conducted earlier this year, Dubai is now the second most desired city in the world by bankers and the second most desired city in the world by professionals from the United Kingdom. Everyone enjoys having a stable income and seeks employment that is directly related to their interests. Now we’ll go over some general advice that will help anybody, anywhere find work in Dubai.


Get the right visa

A work visa is necessary for employment in Dubai. Working for a corporation in Dubai makes it quite simple to get. Since a work visa is necessary to enter Dubai, it is most convenient to wait until after an individual has secured a job offer before making the trip. One may enter the emirate on a visiting or tourist visa, then change their status to work authorization after they’ve secured employment. If you are like the vast majority of tourists who visit Dubai, you won’t need to worry about securing a visa in advance.

After you get employment, however, we will have little more involvement in the visa application process. Your company will sponsor you and get a visa on your behalf if you are willing to provide them with certain information, such as your passport number. The bad news is that you still have some work to do.

 Get your health and labor card

The Department of Health and Medical Services (DHMS) is where you’ll turn in your medical documents, passport copy, pictures, employment invitation letter, and visa application when applying for a work visa. You also need to have your blood checked to make sure you don’t have any communicable infections like hepatitis, TB, or HIV. There is a current ban on foreigners who are carriers of certain illnesses living in the United Arab Emirates. As a condition of working in Dubai, international employees are obliged to get health insurance. For a labor card, you must provide the Department of Labor with a passport picture, your work contract, your entrance visa, your medical documents, and your employer’s labor permit. Last but not least, a resident visa from Dubai’s Directorate General of Residency and Foreign Affairs is required. A passport, medical records, health certificate, original entrance permission, passport picture, copy of labor certificate, and labor certificate processing receipt are all required items to provide in person while filling out the form. OK, that’s all there is to it! You may start working in Dubai lawfully if you have a work visa, medical insurance, a labor card, and a residency visa.

Identify your job Market

While the emirate’s economy as a whole seems to be solid, not all employment markets are quite there yet. However, there will be places that thrive as they get ready to host the Expo 2020 in Dubai. In certain industries, job-seekers may do better than in others.




Making a Purchase





Due to the success of many of these industries, pay growth is predicted to continue.

Look at big companies

Some Dubai-based firms have earned a reputation for their stringent recruiting policies and pleasant working environments. Companies like THE One, Splash, Estee Lauder, and Hilti Emirates, as well as media behemoth Omnicom, IT guru EMC2, Hilton Global, Weber Shandwick Professional Services, and FedEx, round out the top 10.

Apply online is a favorite among Dubai job searchers and an excellent place to start learning about the company’s talent recruiting in Dubai.

Write resume

An individual’s CV is the most important tool while looking for employment. Due of the high level of competition, recruiters in Dubai spend just six seconds on average reviewing your CV. It’s crucial to steer clear of common resume blunders. In an interview with Gulf News, Annalinde Nickisch of Thought Factory remarked, “I would want to see candidates distinctively promote themselves and be backed by facts like completing objectives, current initiatives, etc.” If you need additional guidance with your resume, Monster has plenty of tools to assist you.

Build Networks

Those seeking employment in Dubai are often referred to the city by current residents. A 6.6% increase in securing employment is associated with having a personal connection inside the organization. Socialize even if you can’t make it to Dubai. In addition to the plethora of social media platforms and online groups dedicated to helping “people you know,” there are now “online job fairs” dedicated to connecting individuals with employment opportunities.


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