Best part time job in UAE

Best part time job in UAE

Even though Dubai is a wealthy nation, many locals supplement their income with part-time work there. This allows them to save up for bigger purchases, such as a bigger apartment, more costly electronics, or more designer clothing. Numerous Dubai residents have been doing and seeking for part-time work in recent years. The subject of whether or not part-time employment is permitted in Dubai is a common one, given the tight labor rules enforced in other Middle Eastern nations. Indeed, “yes” is the correct response. The law in Dubai is a little hazy when it comes to part-time employment.


In Dubai, these are the ten best options for anyone looking to supplement their income. In this article, we will go through the top ten freelancing tasks you may do in Dubai without breaking any laws.

Freelance writer

Free writing is the ideal side job. Open book pay is a way to make more money than you would at a traditional job if you do well. One may earn more money by writing more or less about their own passions. How much money you make might change based on how many hours you work.

Work online

One of the most sought-after forms of supplementary employment offered by advanced nations like Dubai is online labor. Most people in Dubai who work part-time in the fields of web design, logo recognition, search engine optimization, and digital marketing make the most money. The financial rewards in Dubai are unparalleled. More than 3,500 dirhams (at least) may be earned in a week in the outset. Once you’ve mastered the material, you may ask for more. Some companies may offer permanent positions if they are pleased with your work.


People from all over the globe go to the United Arab Emirates because of its diverse culture. The language barrier is their only real difficulty. Being an interpreter is the finest part-time job in Dubai law if you have a strong command of the English language. Businesses sometimes employ interpreters to aid their clientele. For this reason, this is the most effective strategy for finding a supplementary income source in Dubai.


Airbnb hosts in Dubai have a leg up on the competition when it comes to cashing in on the city’s sharing economy. In recent years, Airbnb’s popularity in Dubai has exploded. Due to its low hotel prices, Dubai has quickly become one of the world’s most popular travel destinations.

Call center work

One of the other 10 part-time employment in Dubai is at a call center. A significant quantity of money and short working hours are required at the contact center to accommodate students’ requirements. Language proficiency in Arabic and English is required for this position.

Tour guide

Cultural diversity abounds in Dubai. Holiday-goers go from every corner of the globe to enjoy their vacation here. The peak season for tourists is the best time of year for a tour guide to make money. It is one of the best legitimate side hustles in Dubai. Now, then, tell me how one goes about becoming a seasonal guide!

 Breakfast restaurant server

Finding work as a server at a breakfast restaurant is, according to a local survey, one of the top 10 side jobs in Dubai. The tasks at hand are simple. Among your responsibilities include making small talk with patrons, taking their orders, delivering their food and drink, collecting payment, and accommodating any last-minute alterations. In addition to being a great place to pick some extra cash on the side, the breakfast eatery is open to anyone looking for flexible schedules.

Social media expert

There is a growing dependence on social media as the globe embraces it. People looking for a side hustle may now do so via their social media accounts. Today’s company promotion and advertising takes place on social media (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and all other social media sites). You’re making more money on the side because to your expertise in the social media machine.


People from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe have flocked to Dubai in search of economic opportunity. Due to the high cost of living, home tuition is the ideal option for those looking for part-time work in Dubai. One of the most lucrative side hustles in Dubai is homeschooling.


In recent years, gardening’s importance in Dubai has grown with the city’s expanding infrastructure. If you are interested in gardening and love the outdoors, you may find employment fast at a modest housing society, school, or other establishment in Dubai and make a good living. Inspecting and balancing the grass at the villa may be a great side job because of the little upkeep involved.


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