Best safari park in UAE

Best safari park in UAE

When Dubai Safari Park opens to the public in September, visitors may expect to see long-awaited adventure sports like zip line and bungee jumping.

All of the groundwork has been laid, and I anticipate beginning my employment at the beginning of the next season. According to Ahmad Al, the director of public parks and mentioned recreational facilities, “it contains three areas of extraordinary value such as zip lines and bungee jumping; gathering space and playground.”


In terms of size, the Safari Park is unrivaled in Dubai, taking up an enormous 119 hectares. Around 3200 different species of animals and birds make their home here. Mondays are remodeling days and animal cooling days, thus the facility is closed on those days.


During the opening weekend of the new zoo season, visitors will be able to see more than 290 newborn animals. We have a farm and raise animals. A total of 290 cubs were born in the preserve last season, including zebras, hyenas, and giraffes. According to Al Zarouni, “We are also seeking for new breeders internationally and locally and sharing animals with our partners.


Earlier this year, we learned that four lion cubs were born in the park the year before. “During this season, the climate-controlled fence in the park will enable the animals to dwell in pleasant circumstances near to their natural environment,” Al-Zaruni added, addressing concerns about the well-being of animals during the summer. In addition, this will be possible after park activities have ended. To upgrade infrastructure and customer comforts. And to make necessary improvements to the animals’ housing.”


According to the director, all of the animals were given thorough annual medical checkups and were deemed to be free of the Covid-19 strain. Over the course of the previous season, not a single animal perished from heat exhaustion or an untimely death.


Over 300,000 people visited the park last year, which meant it only ran at about 30% capacity. Although the government approved a capacity increase of 70%, we will be shutting the facility. It’s scheduled to open in September, and Al Zaruni hopes that means more hotel rooms for visitors.


The park’s interactive shows and attractions are a highlight of the safari experience. There are 78 mammal species (10 are predators and 17 are primates), 50 reptile species, 111 bird species, amphibian species, and invertebrate species, for a total of 3,200 animal species.


Komodo dragons, spiral antelopes, Arabian antelopes, colorful African wild dogs, gorillas, gibbons, bongos, and lemurs are all examples of endangered species.


Area-wise, the park is a whopping 119 hectares, and it’s home to three distinct communities: African Village, Asian Village, and Explorers’ Village. Various climates and ecosystems, as well as distinct animal species, exist in each of these communities.


There’s even a safari in the Sahara Desert thrown in there. Through innovative breeding and rescue initiatives, Dubai Safari Park contributes to conserving endangered animals throughout the globe.


There are almost 200 distinct tree species here, all planted in their appropriate environments. On Monday, a joyful procession drew many to the park although it was closed to the general public.


Though Dubai Safari Park is closed for the season, it will return next year stronger than before. Because of the arrival of this season, the park will shut on May 31, 2021. As soon as it reopens in September, however, guests will be immersed in a brand-new experience. When the safari park in Dubai reopens in September of next year, guests will be able to enjoy such new attractions as bungee jumping, zip line, and a slew of adorable newborn animals.


When the park closes for the summer, the animals will be safe from the hot weather. Because of the climate-controlled enclosure around the park, the animals will be able to enjoy an almost natural environment while yet being safe and secure. The park will also utilize this opportunity to update the facilities and make necessary repairs to enhance the animals’ living circumstances.


Until the season ends, however, guests to Dubai Safari Park may take part in a wide range of fun activities, including live music performances. The amount of people who have visited Dubai Safari Park this year, he said, is unprecedented. To safeguard the safety of park visitors, stringent preventative and preventive measures have been implemented around the park.



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