10 Best Shopping Malls In Dubai 2022

10 Best Shopping Malls In Dubai 2022

Today we told you 10 Best Shopping Malls In Dubai. Shopping business is growing all over the world, especially in Dubai. There is a lot of demand for it. People are starting to like fashion very much. That is why thousands of shopping malls have been set up there. There are huge shopping malls in Dubai today. There are also in which you will find all kinds of friend’s clothes and accessories whether you are a man or a woman. If you like anything, any brand, you will definitely find it in Dubai. Today we will show you some great shopping. Here are some of the ones you can use to stay in Dubai and buy things from them.

10 Best Shopping Malls In Dubai 2022

Here are the best shopping malls in dubai where you can easily purchase any thing realited to fashion online or offline we also share with you complete address,location,and open hours.

1. The Dubai Mall

Dubai mall is the super best and one of the big and largest mall in the world .there are any thing of the world you buying are availble here .there are many and diffrent things are aveleble here. there are many shops of garments, toys.luxcuray watches,cycles,stors,shoes,clothes,and other many big shops here.In this mall you will find products of all brands around the world that you can easily buy for yourself for your children or for your husband. Some of them are Mall Call online shopping service. There are also offers you can shop sitting at home

Location: Nestled near Financial Centre Street, Next to the iconic Burj Khalifa, Along Sheikh Zayed Road.

Timing: 10 am to1pm

contact :+971 4 362 7500

2. Mall Of The Emirates, Dubai

This mall is a unique mall of its kind where all the food items of the world except shopping are available.There are many hotels and restaurants in it where you can eat everything in the world.In addition to food and drink here, you can easily find Nix’s branded Shia in libraries all over the world.In addition to electronics, you can easily find in this mall Brian AC Cooler Refrigerator Laptop Computer and all the things in the world.

Location:Sheikh Zayed Road, Interchange-4 ,dubai.

Timing:Open in 10 am to 10 pm

Contact:800 6636255

3. Global Village, Dubai

Global village is the one popular and most beautiful mall in dubai .it is fantastic and amazing place of visit.it is a most beautifull for visiting and shopping place there are many things you want are available here.this mall is great spot for family and couples.

Location:Located in Exit – 37, E- 311, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road.

Timing: November and october

Contact:Call 04 362 4114

4. Souk Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai.

Souk madninat jumeirah dubai is is who place there you find everything localy jewellery shoes ,clothes,branded wathes,and every world thing you bought here.it is good place for shooping and visiting .thre are many bazar .there also many restorent and tea stall.you visit there and enjoy.

Location:Located in King Salman Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud Street Jumeirah Road.

Open Hours:10 am to 11 pm.

Contact: Call 04 366 888.8

 5.Dubai Festival City Mall

The Dubai Festival Mall is a huge and famous mall in which you can find everything in the world here. You can easily and at a very reasonable rate.In this shopping mall in Dubai, you can easily find all the Friends Aid Asia in the world. In addition, there are many restaurants and high-end restaurants in which you can enjoy a variety of food from around the world.

Location:Nestled near the crescent road, Dubai

Open Hour:10 am – 12 am.

Contact: 800 332 or +971 4 213 6213

 6 .City Walk, Dubai

The City Walk is a unique and high quality mall of its kind where you can find the latest and greatest things in the world.This is a great place for fashion designing and style things.city walk is designed in the latest and most stunning way. It includes the world’s best engineers. Praise be to the engineer. It is admirable. Can be combined with

Location: Al Wasi junction, Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai, UAE

Timing:10 am to 10 pm.

Contact: Call 04 590 5090

7. Dubai Marina Mall

Another of Dubai’s most beautiful malls called Marina Mall, design and beautify it and Dubai is very famous all over the world because of its masterpieces. It is a unique and magnificent mall of its kind in which you can find Things can be found at a reasonable rate for youThere is also an online shopping facility which allows you to buy anything easily from the comfort of your home. It also has restaurants and many hotels. It also has some of the most beautiful things in the world and rare museums. There is something to see

Open Hours:10 am to 1 am 

Contact:Call + 971 4 436 1020

Location:Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Marsa Street, Dubai Marina


8. Dragon Mart, Dubai

Dragon Mart Art is a huge market in Dubai in which foreigners have opened small shops to do their business in which they sell various things. These foreigners include Chinese Japanese jazz African American engines and many more. People have opened their shops and shops in this market where you can easily find the latest fashion designing items of the world. You can find delicious food from Pakistani Dash India and Turkey. People from all over the world visit this market and have a lot of fun. If you come to Dubai too, be sure to check out this market. There is a big market and there is a system


Nestled near the International city – Al Awir Road, Dragon Mar

Open hours:10 am to 12 am.

Contact:Call 800 625433

9. Wafi Mall, Dubai

Wi-Fi Mall is a beautiful and masterpiece of Dubai in which you will find museums and many museums. In this mall you will find the latest things from around the world Beautifully designed items can be found.Inside this turn you will find beautiful paintings of old times and many old wells. In addition, inside this turn you will come home shopping mall parking and department st cents and many beautiful things of beautiful designing. If you want to visit Dubai, you must visit this mall. Surely you will have a lot of fun. It is a beautiful masterpiece of Dubai. You can see many beautiful sights in it. Will

Location:Oud Metha Road, Umm Hurair 2, Dubai.

Opening time:10 am to 10 pm

Contact:  Call 04 324 4555

10. Waterfront Market

This water market in Dubai is a unique market of its kind in which you will not see many shops in which fresh vegetables, fruits and many other food items can be found absolutely fresh here.In addition, there is a large stock of fresh fishHere you will find four or five hundred fish shops, now selling some of the world’s most unique and colorful fish.In this mall you can find modern and delicious food of sea creatures. If you ever describe Dubai, in this mall you will find


Al Khaleej Road, Deira, Dubai

Open hours:Open 24 hours

Contact:Call 800 627 538


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