British curriculum schools in Dubai

British curriculum schools in Dubai

Home to expats from more than 125 nationalities, there’s little denying that Dubai is a blend of civilizations. Many families and professionals are drawn to the city because of its progressive atmosphere and promising future. British schools in Dubai provide a well-rounded learning environment staffed by qualified teachers to meet the academic needs of their students.
If you’re new to Dubai and you’re trying to decide where to send your children to school, you should look into the top schools that provide a British curriculum.



Over time, a number of British schools have established in Dubai, all of which strive to provide their students with the greatest education possible. Learn more about the KHDA-accredited schools in the UK that have been highlighted below.


It has been 10 years since this co-instructional GEMS school first gained recognition as a “Exceptional” institution. The school’s excellent administrative facilities and rigorous academic standards have earned it a solid reputation. It occupies around 8 acres and has very original workplaces like dance and music studios among its many other amenities. The student body has access to an indoor and outdoor pool, tennis court, and sports field, all of which may be used for proactive projects. The library is where serious readers should go first, but the school also offers a wellness studio, three scientific laboratories, four computer labs, and even an observatory for those interested in space.

The majority of the teaching staff of GEMS Wellington International School are from the United Kingdom. In addition to its vocational programme, the school provides an International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum for students in grades 12 and 13. The observatory at this facility allows up to 472 people to take in breathtaking views of the night sky at the same time.

This GEMS School is renowned for its dedication to the British educational system and is often ranked among the finest in the world.

Recommendation from the KHDA: Exceptional

Cost of college may range from AED 43,000 to $95,000.

Area: Al Sufouh, Sheik Zayed Road

For further information, please call +1-971-4348-4994


Skyline Students between the ages of three and eleven are welcome to enrol in English School. The language of instruction is English. In any event, supplementary instruction is provided for students who need it since they are not native speakers. All students at this British institution are afforded the same privileges, which is a primary focus of the faculty. Each kid is treated with special care and attention. As a result, the staff accommodates many different types of pupils. Academic philosophy at this institution centres on the four pillars of test-taking, growth, wealth, and enjoyment.

Recommendation from the KHDA: Exceptional

In the range of AED 40,000 – 54,000

Location: 30B, Al Wasl Road

If you have any questions, please call us at +971-4-342-2893


Kings’ School Dubai was recognised by the KHDA as Outstanding in two different categories. Lords’ School Al Barsha enrols students from 3 to 13, while the Umm Suqeim campus offers a primary school for ages 3 through 6. The latter is the primary school in Dubai, having maintained a superior ranking with the KHDA for the last eleven years.

More than 2,500 students of more than 70 different backgrounds are enrolled in these two departments. More than 75 full-time teachers and 40 adjunct teachers are on staff to meet students’ educational needs. Football, karate, music, netball, and many more activities are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the school’s extensive array of extracurricular offerings. Windsurfing, sailing, and skiing are just some of the exciting extracurricular activities available to students here.

Recommendation from the KHDA: Exceptional

Budget between AED 50,000 and 63, 000

Location: Al Barsha & Umm Suqeim

Call us at +971-4-348-3932


Dubai College is one of the most well-known and most sought-after British institutions in Dubai, and its reputation precedes it. Formed in 1978, DC is now on the wish lists of every affluent parent in Dubai because of its prestigious reputation as a “Elite level” institution. Although there are 940 students enrolled at Dubai College, there are 100 full-time faculty members to ensure that every student receives the individualised attention and academic guidance they need to succeed. There are several well-established British schools in Dubai, but Dubai College stands out.

The institution is always striving to improve its students’ critical thinking skills. A thriving gaming scene with the usual high-stakes events may be found there. Undergraduates interested in non-academic career choices, such as music and expression, will also find a lot of support and guidance, in addition to a rich and varied educational programme. The music department, for one, often puts on productions of really epic proportions in the theatre.

Recommendation from the KHDA: Exceptional

Fees range from AED 82,000 to AED 93,000.

Aspect: Al Sufouh Road

To get in touch, please call +971-4-399-9113


One of the most impressive British schools in Dubai is Repton School. Students in the sixth form of a secondary school that offers a diploma programme other than the regular one take the IB Diploma after completing the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in years 10 and 11. When it first launched in 2007, the prestigious Repton School in England served as a global partner. The school has boarding offices in addition to the regular administrative ones. As one of the most expensive schools in Dubai, Repton School Dubai takes its admissions process very seriously.

Recommendation from the KHDA: Exceptional

The price of a college education may range from AED 52,000 to AED 95,000.

Nad Al Sheba 3, in proximity to the Dubai Silicon Oasis.

Inquire: +971-4-426-9395


Jumeirah College in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is a British-style school that has consistently received top marks from outside reviewers for the last nine years. The success of the school may be attributed in large part to the professionalism and expertise of its faculty and teaching assistants.

Students have access to state-of-the-art resources, such as state-of-the-art video conferencing rooms and mechanical centres. Students may make use of the theatre studio, music practise rooms, and other specialised areas. In addition to classrooms, laboratories, and a large library, Jumeirah College also has a pool, an indoor/outdoor café, netball courts, tennis courts, and a variety of other sports and recreation facilities.

Recommendation from the KHDA: Exceptional

Cost of a University Degree in the UAE: Between AED 73,000 and AED 91,300

Road Al Wasl is the location.

Reach us at +971-4-395-5524.


Students at Pearls Jumeirah Primary School benefit from a purpose-built campus outfitted with state-of-the-art facilities designed to enhance their education. Teachers often use hands-on exercises and practical applications to help students retain material. Students may ask questions, try something new, make mistakes, and yet learn something from the experience. Teachers are given the most cutting-edge tools available to help them provide effective lessons. Classes range from Foundation Stage 1 (FS 1) to Grade 6 (Year 6).

Recommendation from the KHDA: Exceptional

From AED 40,000 to AED 50,000

Region: Al Safa 1

Telephone: +971-4-394-3505


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