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How To Check Ufone Balance Without Charges

If you have a Ufone SIM and you do not know Ufone SIM balance, in this post you will learn how to check Ufone SIM balance without any Charges.

You can check the balance in your Ufone SIM by dialing * 124 #. The standard fee of Rs. 0.12 will be deducted 0.12 whenever you order this code. In addition to the rest of the balance, you will also get an expiration date.

Steps To Check Ufone Balance Without Extra Charges

Check Ufone Balance Without Charges

If you use the internet, you can check your balance in Ufone SIM without Charges it’s absolutely free. With Ufone App, you Can check Your Ufone Balance without any Exyta/Stanard Charges

First, install and open the Ufone app from the Play Store.

Click if you already have a Ufone number.

If you are already registered in my Ufone app, enter your username/mobile number and password and click the Register button.

After Successfully Login To Ufonr App, You can see your Ufone SIM balance at the top of the home screen without any Charges.

Important Note: If you do not have an internet package, you will lose your balance by checking your balance through the Ufone app.

How To Check Ufone Balance Visa SMS

The first is the code that allows you to check your Ufone balance via SMS. Dial * 124 # and you will receive a Ufone SIM balance via SMS. The Charges of Checking Balance visa SMS 0.12 Plus Tax.

How To Check Ufone Balance by Calling

Ufone Helpline Number Call 333 and check your Ufone SIM balance. The Charge of checking balance through calling is 0.75 Plus tax.

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