Civil ID Home Delivery In Kuwait 2KD Within 2 Days

Civil ID Home Delivery In Kuwait 2KD Within 2 Days

Today, we’re going to talk about Civil ID home delivery in Kuwait in a lot of different ways. If you want to know how to get or apply for a civil ID in Kuwait, read our whole article carefully. You can use this guide to learn how to make a Civil ID home delivery request from your phone in Kuwait.

To help people who get their civil ID cards, the Public Authority for Civil Information started a service that would deliver new cards to people’s homes. This service would help people who get their cards. Now, they can get their card delivered right to their door with PACI Home Delivery. For this delivery, the fee is 2 KD. If you add another card, 0.25 KWD will be added to the fee for each card you add.

There is a very easy way to sign up for home delivery. Getting a new civil card delivered to your home for KD 2 can be done by following the steps below. Within two days, you will get a new civil card delivered to your home for KD 2. And when you finish your Civil ID delivery request on the civil ID delivery link, your new Civil ID card is sent to your home address. In order to check the delivery status of your Civil ID on the go, you need to enter your Civil ID number.

Civil ID Home Delivery In Kuwait 2KD Within 2 Days

Here are the steps you need to follow to get your ID delivered to your home in Kuwait 2KD. Visit to get your Civil ID delivered or to get your package delivered to your home, and then click on the link. Fill out the registration form on the Kuwait Civil ID Delivery website. Civil ID home delivery registrations are completed when the payment for delivery has been made and the delivery has been made.

You should first go to the Kuwait Delivery website: The best way for you to get a Civil ID at home is by going to a

2: Choose “English” from the main page.

3: Now that you’ve read and agreed to the terms and conditions, click the “START” button to start the process. This is the third step.

4: Click “Old Card Available” on the new page if you have an old Civil ID and want to get a new one.

5: If the old card isn’t there (like when a child is born or when it’s their first time getting a card), then choose “Old card option not available.

6: Now, type in your “Civil ID Number” in the box on the right.

7:  you can enter the serial number for your card. The serial number will be on the back of your Civil ID card, so you can see it.

8: Afterwards, press the “Add” button. In the next step, your credit card information will be added to the list. You can also see how much this order costs. You can add more cards by clicking the “More Card” button. Finally, do the same things again to add another card. To add another card to the same address, you will be charged 0.25 KWD.

9: Add another card, then press “Next.

10: This is the last step. On a new page called  enter the name, the delivery time for your card, and your phone number.

11: You can choose whether you want your package delivered in the morning or at night.

12: Choose your language (English or Arabic)

13: If you want your card address, choose “Card Address.” In order to move your card to a new address, write down the full address with all the information.

14: Now, click on “NEXT.” It will take you to a confirmation page for the new delivery information that has been sent to you. Make sure it’s done now.

15: Next” button after you check your contact information. If you find that they are correct, then click on the next one.

16: Click the “Next” button. Opens the new page

17: It’s now time to give us the details of your bank account and click “Submit.” Your order will be sent, and your receipt information will show up in the next screen after that. Print out your information or take a picture of it on your phone.

That’s good, because now they can get their civil ID delivered to their home. Representatives from the delivery company will call you if there is a problem with home delivery. It will take two business days for the identifiers to arrive at your home address.

Check the status of Civil ID Delivery

If you want to see how your civil ID home delivery is going, you can do that online. This is a link that you can click on and put your civil ID number in. The status will show up.

In the event that your civil ID doesn’t arrive on time, you can check the delivery status of the civil ID or track the application. If you can’t get your civil ID, you should check to see how your application is going. Follow these steps to see if your civil ID has been delivered to your home or if it hasn’t.

No 1: First, visit the PACI website and click on the “handover” link. Take a look at this link to see how your order will be delivered.

No 2: Click “Option.” A link to this can be found on the top right of the PACI Delivery home page.

No 3: Now, click on the “Delivery Order Status” option to see the status of your order.

No 4: Type in the Civil ID Number in the blank box and hit “Search,” then click “OK.

No 5: You can see how your app is doing on a new page.

The authority sent your civil ID card in a safe, secure, and private way to make sure it was safe. They sent your card to the address of your choice in a safe envelope, and the authority logo was on the card.

I hope you like the ways we told you to get your civil ID at home in Kuwait. You can leave a comment below if you need more help with Civil ID home delivery in Kuwait.

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