Civil ID Home Delivery Registration

Civil ID Home Delivery Registration

There is a new home delivery department set up by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) to help people who have citizen ID cards. This department is for residents and residents who have citizen ID cards. They can now check their cards at home with the help of PACI’s home delivery service registration. There is a charge of KWD 2 for this connection. If any more cards are added, an extra charge of KWD 0.25 will be added to that.

When you register for Civil ID Delivery with a mobile phone online, it’s very simple to do. The option to request Home Delivery with Civil ID can be found at and can be used to request delivery to your home or civil ID office. Also, your civil card arrived at your home in two days.

In both the old Civil ID and the new Civil ID, you can get to the Home Delivery Department from the Civil ID. Find the resources below to get a new Civil ID that will be delivered to your home for 2 KD in two days for only 2 KD.

Civil ID Home Delivery Registration step by Step

No 1: First, go to to sign up for Civil ID home delivery. Then, click on the English Language link. Once that is done, click the “Start for Home Delivery” button at the bottom of the screen.

No 2: It’s now time to enter the Civil ID and Serial Number (the serial number can be found on the back of your Civil ID). Then click Add to finish.

No 3: Make sure that you put in your address and correct contact information. You can use the address on your card, or you can type in your own address. You can also put in a name and delivery time.

No 4: Check the delivery information in

No 5:  After you confirm the delivery information, you will be taken to the payment page. Once the payment is done, you will get a confirmation receipt. Please keep the receipt safe. In either case, you can print or save the file as a PDF.

No 6: This is the sixth step. Please click on the link and enter your civil ID number, then click Search to look at the status of your order in real-time.

No 1: Visit the PACI site and look for a different option. Here is the delivery page. Click on it to see it now.

No 2: When you click “Options,” it will open a new window. If you go to PACI Delivery, you can find it at the top right of the page.

No 3: Now, click on “Delivery Order Status” to see how your order is going.

No 4: When you’re done, click “Search.”

No 5: New: On the new page, your Civil ID will show up.

Kuwait Civil ID Home Delivery Registration More Guide

The civil ID supply service is not paid for by the Public Authority for Civil Information. It’s the help that the recipient gives, not the Public Authority for Civil Information. People who want to join the basic card pay 2 Kuwaiti dinars to do so Other cards can be added as long as they have the main card, like the PACI address number. Each new card will get you 250 documents worth a quarter of a dinar.

The delivery company will call you after you send them a request for delivery management. They will connect you to the right phone number. To ask about it, if there isn’t a lot of trouble, call the delivery department and ask (22066550) People who buy a lot of ID cards will get them in two working days from the authority’s headquarters. To pay delivery costs, you must make a single uninterrupted delivery of a delivery order.

Delivery is based on how well the customer likes the product and how well the executives with the delivery group like the product, too. If the customer can’t be reached, the delivery will be thrown off, and the delivery organization will be held responsible for the delay. The delivery orders are linked to the civil ID card that has been prepared for delivery. Other cards can be added, as long as they have the same PACI address number as the main essential card. It will give you 250 documents for each extra card.

Can I collect the civil id on Saturday

PACI is open from Sunday to Thursday. They work from 6 am to 8 pm with no breaks. 14 hours Friday and Saturday are days off. People who want to know when to take a pacifier today should look at this information about PACI.

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