How can we change date of birth in Qatar id

How can we change date of birth in Qatar id

Using the Metrash2 app in Qatar will allow you to legally change the date that you were born. The Metrash2 app, which was developed in partnership with the Information Technology team of the Ministry of the Interior, now enables remote changes

to be made to a user’s passport information. If one follows these steps, there will be no need to get in contact with the committee in charge of name and birthdate changes; rather, they will be able to make the required adjustments to their profile online

The “Personal Data Change” service may now be accessed via the Metrash2 app. This service was developed in collaboration with the Systems Engineering Department of the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) and the Directorate-General of Passports. People

will be able to legally change their names and birth dates via the use of online applications, which will allow them to do so independently of the Name Changing Panel at the Directorate General of Passports (through the Metrash2 app). In regard to the

official declaration made by the Ministry, “In the past, if a person wanted to change their name or either their birth date or their name, they had to make a trip to the Name Changing Committee in the Directorate-general of Travel papers. Because

of this brand-new service, carrying out these actions online will now be feasible. Next, you will need to attach the required documentation, which includes a letter that explains why the passport was changed, a copy of the old passport, a copy of the new passport, and a birth certificate that has been certified by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Applicants get confirmation messages after their registrations have been completed in their entirety “We would like to extend our congratulations to you and let you know that your application has been successfully processed.

How change Metrash2 personal information

People do not have to attend to the Identity Changing Panel at the Directorate General of Passports anymore; instead, they may complete the whole process online (using the Metrash2 app)! A user is able to quickly and conveniently submit an application

to change their personal information by navigating to Residency Services, hitting the Change Personal Info link, and then clicking the Apply Applications link at the bottom of the page.

Before filling out the form, the applicant has to provide their QID card and choose either “Changing Name” or Changing Birth Date” from the drop-down menu.

The applicant just has to choose the “Upload Newspaper Memo” option in order to provide a newspaper memorandum for consideration.

The nationality that is shown on the applicant’s identification credentials must correspond with the language and newspaper that they choose. Make sure to include all of the information that is relevant, as well as a copy of the advertising that has

the correct beginning date. There is a mistake in my birth date. My Qatari identification card has a defect, which is causing me problems at work. Could you please explain to me what I’m doing wrong and how I may correct it? My passport has an authentic

copy of my birth date. To begin monitoring and following up on an application using the new service, choose the option labeled Early Versions of Applications, and then enter either the applicant’s ID number or the ID number of the application owner.

According to the MOI, the applicant is required to submit the newspaper ad as part of the application process after it has been published for a period of 14 days. Please refer to the guidelines that are provided below in order to get the same result:

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