How do I delete expired Apple subscriptions

How do I delete expired Apple subscriptions

How do I delete expired Apple subscriptions?

  • Open “Settings” and touch on your name at the top.
  • iTunes and App Store, then your Apple ID at the top.
  • If asked, enter your Apple ID password.
  • Tap “Manage” under the “Subscriptions” section.
  • Tap on the subscription you wish to cancel.
  • Squeeze “Cancel Subscription” and confirm.

How To Manage Subscriptions on iOS

How long do expired subscriptions stay on Apple ID?

Expiring subscriptions are erased after a year. Your iTunes Store purchase history is concealed but not erased. Try deleting your apple id with all the data and emails.

How do I cancel my Apple fitness membership?

  • You may cancel your subscription by:
  • Open the iPhone Apple Watch app.
  • Fitness
  • Membership
  • Cancel Membership

How do I cancel a recurring payment?

To cancel a recurring payment, log into your account and click “Billing” from the dropdown menu. You can view all of your subscriptions and payments from there. To cancel a subscription, select it and click “Cancel Subscription”.

How do I cancel a purchase on Apple?

To cancel an App Store, iTunes, or iBooks purchase, follow these steps:
Open the app or application where you bought it.
Tap “Purchased” at the bottom.
Uninstall the app and reinstall it.
Tap on the purchase you wish to cancel.

How do I hide subscribed channels?

To conceal a subscribed channel, click the “Hide” button next to it.

How do I delete purchase history?

You can’t erase your purchases. Contact the shop where you bought it and ask them to cancel it.

Why can’t I delete subscriptions on my iPhone?

You can’t cancel subscriptions in the app store. To cancel a subscription, click on it, then click “Cancel Subscription” at the bottom of the page.

How to Buy Kindle Books on iPhone & iPad (iOS 15 Update)Best Guide 2022?

The new Kindle app has been updated for iOS 15. Buying Kindle books on the iPhone or iPad is easy if you buy them straight from the app. After that, you may read your freshly downloaded ebook in portrait and landscape modes.

How to delete expired subscriptions from your iPhone 8s Plus iOS 11.1.2?

Tap Settings, then iTunes & App Store to cancel expired subscriptions on your iPhone 8s Plus iOS 11.1.2. Then go to the Subscriptions tab and delete any expired or unnecessary subscriptions.

How to Delete Subscriptions on iPhone?

iPhone is a fantastic product that is made to make users’ life easier. It’s a series of phones with varied features based on your hobbies and demands. One option to personalise your iPhone is to unsubscribe from unwanted email or internet subscriptions.

How to view and cancel iPhone subscriptions on iPhone and iPad

1: Go to the AppStore and touch your profile picture.

Subscriptions – tap.

Now you may check all current and expired Apple ID subscriptions.

Tap one to cancel, change settings, or learn more.

It is also possible to enable or disable subscription renewal features such as automatic renewal reminders.

Apple will let you know how long you may use a service once a paid or free trial ends.

2: On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings.

Click on your name.


Now you may check all current and expired Apple ID subscriptions.

Tap on it to cancel, modify choices, or get more details.

Don’t forget to check all your Apple IDs.

You may also contact Apple Support at 800 554 533 to find out about your Apple ID’s subscriptions. More information is available at Apple Support.

iPhone and iPad

How do I delete expired Apple subscriptions

Let us begin with the method to be followed if we possess an iPhone or iPad. The processes are the same for tablets and smartphones. To begin, take the device to the Settings area.

It’s the one with the gear symbol. After opening the Settings section, choose iTunes and App Store. Then choose Apple ID.

Depending on the security system, we will be prompted to provide a password or our fingerprint. Let’s do this to open a new window. By pressing our account, we can see our active subscriptions on our Apple account.

You may find the Subscription option and click it.
It will provide a list of your subscribed applications, with subscription data like as cost, renewal date, and cancellation options. By clicking on any of them, you can see the monthly and yearly subscription information.

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