How do I delete Reddit app history

How do I delete Reddit app history

How do I delete Reddit app history?

How do I delete Reddit app history

  • Launch the Reddit application.
  • At the top-left of the screen, click on your profile icon.
  • Settings.” may be found at the bottom of the screen.
  • Scroll down to the “Advanced” section and select “Clear local history.”
  • To complete the process, select “Clear local history” from the pop-up window that appears.

How to clear your reddit history

Can you delete history on Reddit?

To remove your Reddit history, go to your account’s “Overview” section. You may then choose and remove postings one by one. Alternatively, you may use the “Nuke Reddit History” Chrome plugin.

How do I delete Reddit app history on iPhone?

Run Reddit. Select Settings at the bottom. To erase your recent browsing data on this device, scroll down and choose Clear local history under Options. On the next page, choose Clear local history or press Cancel to quit without clearing it.

Does Reddit App Store history?

History tab of official Reddit app maintains track of all clicks.

How do I delete Reddit data?

Clearing an app’s data and cache may make it run faster or fix errors.

How do I permanently delete Reddit?

Select ‘User Settings’ from the drop-down menu at the top of the page. On that screen, click ‘Deactivate Account’. Re-enter your login credentials and choose a reason for deletion if requested.

How to delete the browsing history on Reddit?

  • Step 1: Go to
  • Step 2: Look for a gear symbol in the top-left corner. Click!
  • Step 3: At the bottom of your account’s settings page, choose “Privacy”.
  • Step 4: Now scroll down to a section named “History”. Your past postings are preserved here for future reading by everyone else, so be sure you like what you see before removing it. Then click “Delete History” at the bottom to erase all traces of your Reddit activity!

When does Reddit remove posts reported as spam?

Find an option that says something like “Reporting Users” or “Taking Down Posts” on This link will take you to a page that says “Reports are evaluated within [x] hours”.

How do I delete Reddit data?

Open a browser window and input your Reddit login. Select ‘Account’ from the top drop-down menu. If none display, pick ‘Top’ or ‘Hot’. Then select ‘Delete’ from the drop-down menu next to the post.

What is Reddit and Clearing its History?

The Reddit app for Android is simple. This browser allows you to log in, post, and comment. While the browser allows you to effortlessly visit Reddit, the accumulation of search history slows it down. Also, while using a shared device, the search history holds your security. To avoid this, delete your Reddit history. Reddit is the 18th most popular site globally. It’s basically a giant forum where individuals can exchange news and stuff.

Reddit is a platform for searching, posting, and commenting. You may wish to delete what you’ve posted or looked for. In most cases, deleting Reddit history means deleting all posts and comments, both yours and others. This implies you will permanently delete all of your posts and comments, which you may do by following the steps indicated.So, deleting Reddit’s search history is as easy as deleting Amazon’s browsing history.

Deleting history using the manual way

    • Browser on. 3-4 parallel lines on the window. Tap the lines to see a drop-down menu.
    • Click on the ‘settings’ icon. A list menu appears.
    • Scroll up to the ‘Privacy’ icon. Tap it again. A menu appears.
    • Scroll down and choose ‘security’. A menu appears.
    • Click on ‘history’. Sites will be mentioned. You may delete specific sites or all of them. To erase all sites, choose ‘delete all’ and ‘OK’. This clears your Reddit history.

    Delete History Using the Eraser Application

    This is the quickest method. Just download the eraser app. After browsing, you can simply tell the programe to remove your history and it will do so.

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