How to get bet9ja old mobile site

How to get bet9ja old mobile site

To use Bet9ja on your phone or computer, read on! People are having trouble going to bet9ja’s old mobile site. The result of this is that bet9ja now sends people who use their phones to their new mobile betting site.

Bet9ja has a new mobile version of their online betting site that they now direct people who are on their phones to use. Most people know how to use the old version of the site and have trouble with the new one. They keep telling you about the new Bet9ja app for your phone.

How To Access bet9ja Old Mobile

How to get bet9ja old mobile site

  • Before you do anything, go to this link:
  • Home.aspx has the letter H in it, which is important to note. Make the H bigger.
  • If you do it right, you’ll be sent to the old mobile site.

How Do I Access bet9ja Old Mobile?

To start, type the following URL into your mobile browser, such as opera mini, or into the default browser on your phone. Keep an eye out for the capital H in the URL for the /Home.aspx page, because it is there. There should be a big “H” at the top of the letter. It will take you to the betting9ja old mobiles site if you type it in exactly as it is meant to.

How to bet9ja old mobile app Download?

It’s easier and faster to use the Old Bet9ja Mobile App apk for Android to place and book your bets because it gets connected and loads more quickly than the new app.

If you have an Android smartphone, this older version of the Bet9ja mobile software is very easy to use. It doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone’s hard drive. On the mobile app, you can log in or sign up to set up your betting account. Click here to get the old bet9ja mobile app.

Top Feature In bet9ja old mobile app Download

All of the official Bet9ja websites can be used.

Apps can help you get into your account.

Place and book bets are easy. Take a look at your money.

You can choose from a lot of different types of sports, like soccer, basketball, rugby, and many other things.

With the mobile app, you can ask for money.

In the app, you can deposit money into your account, withdraw money, and see your account history.

Bets are made in real time. Check the bet slip.

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