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How To Get Mini Business Statement

The business ban provides SMS banking and missed calls to customers who do not have internet access on their phones. These services are useful for rural and mobile users. using this service you can easily know the account balance, small statement, wallet transfer, IMPS, etc. If you ever want to use the SMS banking feature you should know how to do it. This guide explains to you how to get a mini-business statement on a landline. The guide describes all the steps step by step with simple words. [Recommended:How To Check The Bank Balance Of Canara

Requirements for obtaining a small bank statement from the Company

Bank, Banking, Buy, Chip, Credit

  • Mobile number must be registered in the bank. (If not, follow the steps below.)
  • You can get a corporate mini bank statement from a registered mobile number.
  • So, make sure you have a cell phone number with you.

First, register a mobile phone number for corporation banking mobile

  • Go to the bank and complete the SMS bank registration form.
  • Now, within two days, you will receive a four-digit MPIN.
  • Now, you must use the PULL SMS service using your MPIN and account number.
  • Send ACT “XXXX” “ZZZZZZ” to 9243717778
  • In this case, XXXX is the four digits of the MPIN and ZZZZZZ is the last six of your account numbers.
  • Now, you will receive an SMS stating that your corporate banking bank has been successfully registered.
  • Now, you must use the PULL service by following the procedure specified in the SMS.
  • Now you’re ready to get your little statement on your phone offline.

How to get a mini business statement with a missed phone

  • Find a phone with a registered mobile phone number installed on the phone.
  • Now, open the dial pad and dial the next number
  • Corporate Bank Mini statement missed number – 09289792897
  • Once the phone is connected, follow the IVRS instructions.
  • Press the corresponding button for the small statement option.
  • You will now receive an SMS containing the last transaction of your account.
  • With these five simple steps, you can get a corporate bank statement on your phone without an internet connection.

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