How to get your work visa in Dubai

How to get your work visa in Dubai

Dubai, the biggest city in the United Arab Emirates, is a bustling commercial hub and is often referred to as the “Golden City.” Dubai is an excellent option for international expansion because of the city’s booming economy and the ease with which foreign workers may get work visas. There are, however, global PEOs with the expertise to assist you streamline the visa and permission application procedure.

A valid work permit and work visa are required for foreign nationals seeking employment in the United Arab Emirates. People who already have a work visa to enter the United Arab Emirates may stay there without obtaining a residential visa. With a work visa, you may stay in the nation lawfully for a certain amount of time. Here is the procedure for obtaining a work visa and permission in Dubai.

Working in the UAE requires a work visa or work permit, both of which are given by the employer. Employees are not expected to initiate the process of applying for or obtaining this sort of visa or authorization. You may begin your hunt for employment in the emirate by reading our detailed advice on where and how to seek for work in Dubai. We have collected a list of the best job sites in the UAE to facilitate your search for employment opportunities online.

Once you’ve seen your window of opportunity, you may go on to the next phase. When it comes to finding a job in Dubai, you’ll need a work visa, which may be obtained through the Ministry of Human Resources and the Emirates (MoHRE). Your company must initiate this process in order to get this permission and convert it into a legal resident visa for you. A work permit will enable you to enter the UAE and begin working there once you have obtained a resident visa. The duration of the licence is two months. During this time, the company is responsible for facilitating your required medical exams, UAE identification documents, work permits, and resident visas.

A resident visa is conclusive evidence that you are being sponsored by an organisation and that the organisation has covered the costs of your work permit, medical exam, and UAE ID.

The ability to sponsor relatives for immigration into the nation follows the receipt of a resident visa. All moms, even those who are raising children alone, are affected. Husbands of UAE nationals who provide sponsorship are also eligible for work visas.



Who can apply for a work permit in Dubai

There are three scenarios that decide whether an international worker will need a visa to work in Dubai. It will be useful if…

You were recruited when you were still in your own country.

You may work while in Dubai on a tourist or visiting visa.

You’re already living and working in Dubai, but you’re looking to switch employers.

To begin, the MHRC and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation have established centres in other countries to help with this.


To get a work visa in Dubai under the second scenario, you must first leave the United Arab Emirates. No need to book a flight back to the states. You may stop over in a nearby country (like Oman) until you have a permission to work in Dubai, thanks to airlines like Air Arabia and fly Dubai that provide a “visa operation.”


Businesses that are doing recruitment in Dubai may also utilise the “change of status” procedure offered by the Dubai General Directorate of Residence and Foreign Affairs (GDFRA). In this instance, you don’t even have to leave the country to get a work visa for Dubai.


In the third scenario, you’ll be issued a fresh work visa to start at the new employer. Employees whose contracts expire may apply for a new work visa in Dubai if they can find suitable alternative employment, as per Article 1 of Ministerial Decree No. 766 of 2015.

Requirements for Work permit

The following requirements must be met in order to apply for a work visa in Dubai:

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Certification that you have a copy of your passport (valid for at least six months)

Employment often necessitates providing a copy of an individual’s diploma or equivalent (must be certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of your country)

Medical examination

You’ll need to be checked out medically at a facility recognised by the Dubai government in addition to meeting all the other criteria for acquiring a work visa in Dubai. Both first-time applicants and current visa-holders must complete this. Testing for tuberculosis requires both a blood sample and a chest x-ray.

Keep in mind that a negative hepatitis B and syphilis test is also a requirement for several jobs in Dubai. It is more convenient to have these examinations performed in your own country. For the simple reason that you will be required to leave the country if you test positive for any of these contagious illnesses.

Other considerations

In addition, your business should know the policies and steps workers must take to bring their families to Dubai. With a valid visa, workers may bring their families to Dubai, including spouses, children, and even parents.

In order to bring their families to Dubai, workers who already have a residency visa must apply for a dependent visa for each member of their immediate family. Proof of their connection, such as a birth certificate or marriage licence, must be provided in addition to the documentation needed by the standard.

Working in Dubai raises the risk of visa fraud. However, there are various methods available for preventing such events. A legitimate company, for instance, would provide you a letter from the Mental Health Recruitment Center (MHRC). In addition, the National Economic Register allows you to verify the legitimacy of your business online.

The GDRFA is also a place to double-check the legitimacy of your driver’s licence and visa. You may reach MOHRE via phone (+ 971-680-2766) or online for answers to your queries. Our advice on getting a job in Dubai and a work visa/permit has come to an end.


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