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How To Kotak Net Banking Registration Online

Kotak Bank provides its customers with online registration. You can easily sign up to get money from your bank at your home. In this guide, we will see how we can register Kotak Banking online within 10 minutes. [Recommended:How To The Activate SBI Debit Card

Requirements for Kotak Net Banking Registration Online

Wallet, Credit Cards, Cash, Money

  • Your Kotak Bank CRN number
  • Account Owner’s Birthday
  • The name of Monther’s daughter
  • Registered Mobile Number
  • Registered email ID
  • Debit Card Details

the step-by-step process of registration of Kotak bank online

  •  Open the click Kotak Internet Bank website your Mobile Number /computer -
  •  Click on the Register for Net Banking option from the menu.
  • Kotak bank online registration online within 1 1 minute
  • enter you are the CRN, No, and CAPTCHA code and tick Accept t & c. Kotak bank online bank registers Now, on the new page, you will be shown four options, in which you will have to enter two correct details.
  •  Once the details have been verified, you will be shown four different options.
  • The best way is to enter the details of the Debit card. Kotak bank online banking registration within 10 minutes 4
  •  Select the Debit card details option and from the new screen, enter your bank card number, expiration date, and CVV number.
  •  After the details have been verified, on the next screen, you can enter the first six characters of your choice.
  • The following six characters will be sent to your email id.
  •  This is your temporary 12-digit password. Remember this password; you must enter this temporary password in the latest steps.
  •  Now, sign in with your CRN and temporary password.
  • Step11: A strong code will be sent to your email / mobile number. Enter this powerful code to verify your login.
  • You can now enter your temporary password and a new permanent password.
  • Enter your user ID to sign in. You can sign in via CRN or through a user id.
  • You must log in again with a new CRN and password.
  • Your complete Kotak Bank bank registration is now complete.

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