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How To Small Bank Statement From Kotak Mahindra Bank Online

Kotak Mahindra Bank is a national bank in India. Kotak bank provides online services to its customers for easy access to their accounts. You can contact and access your bank account, atm card with online services provided by the bank. One such service is a small statement of your account. In this guide, we will see how to get a small bank statement from Kotak Mahindra online via SMS, Whatsapp, Kotak 811 App, and Kotak Internet banking. [Recommended:How To Check Central Bank India Check Balance Online

Requirements for obtaining a small bank statement from Kotak Mahindra online

  • The mobile number registered to the bank must be with you to obtain a small Kotak statement
  • Internet Banking User ID and password
  • Kotak CRN registration number for the Kotak App
  • MPIN for Kotak App (if already registered)
  • The mobile number must be activated for OTP while registering the Kotak application

A step-by-step guide to find a small statement of Kotak Mahindra Bank online

  • There are a few ways online to get your little statement.
  • By sending an SMS
  • By Whatsapp
  • With the Kotak 811 app
  • Through Internet banking

Receive a statement from Kotak Mahindra Bank Mini via SMS

  • From you have the registration Phone number, type of the full message –
  • A small statement of Kotak Mahindra Bank SMS – TXN and send it to 9971056767
  • Kotak mini statement via SMS
  • Once this message has been successfully sent, you will receive a text message from the Kotak bank containing the last of your account.

Get a small Kotak statement via Whatsapp

  • You can get a small Kotak statement using your Whatsapp. For this, you need to have a Whatsapp account with the same number registered in the bank.
  • Open the link on your phone to join the Kotak WhatsApp bank help number – the Kotak WhatsApp bank number
  • When Whatsapp is on, type Help to find the main menu.
  • Type 1 with the bank account.Kotak mini statement via WhatsApp
  • Now, type 2 done for the last 3
  • Now, enter the last four digits of your account to verify and send. add otp to get a small statement on WhatsApp
  • Type this OTP on Whatsapp and send it.
  • Once OTP is verified, you will receive the last three transactions of your Kotak account.

How to get a small statement from Kotak Bank via the Kotak 811 App

  • Download the Kotak 811 app from the play store/app store
  • Open the app and register in the application using your CRN and OTP number found in the application.
  • Set MPIN for future login.
  • If you are already registered, enter the MPIN number to sign in to the application.
  • Once logged in, tap the View Last 10 transaction option from the screen.get Kotak Mahindra bank mini statement with the Kotak app
  • You can now see the last ten transactions for your account.

Get a small statement from Kotak Mahindra Bank via Internet banking

  • Open the Kotak Mahindra banking website on your computer/smartphone –
  • Enter your CRN / User ID and password to sign in to your account. install the OTP on the screen and click on the Secure Login button.
  • On the main page, you can see the last 5 transactions of your account which is your small statement.

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