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How To Solve The Issue UPI Registration BHIM Application

Barat Interface for Money (BHIM) is a new banking and popular feature in India. Under the Digital India Campaign, the UPI payment method is widely used in online banking services. The BHIM app is the first app-based on these UPI payments. If you are using the BHIM App and are having trouble with the registration process, this guide is for you. In this article, I explained how to solve a failed BHIM UPI registration problem. [Recommended:How To Register For IOB Mobile Banking Online

How to resolve the issue of “UPI registration failed” in the BHIM application

The problem occurs for a variety of the reasons. We will look at each reason and how to solve the problem.

Check that the SIM is inserted in Slot Slot

Most phones have a dual SIM tray, and many users use this feature. Most of the time we make the option to send an SMS to SIM 1 only, and if you enter your mobile Banking number into SIM slot2, then the BHIM application may not be able to send a message from SIM2.
Due to this problem, UPI registration cannot be terminated, and you may find the error “UPI registration failed”.

To solve the problem install SIM on SIM Slot1 regularly.

Verify SIM Sync to solve the UPI registration problem.

How to solve the BHIM Application UPI registration problem
UPI registration is done via SMS and requires balance to send SMS. If you do not have a balance in your registered Bank number, verification cannot be terminated.

To resolve this, this issue replenishes your number with an available topup or SMS package.

See your mobile phone number in Network coverage.

If you use a Wi-Fi connection to download the app, but your phone does not have network connectivity, sending SMS will fail. Due to this issue, your UPI registration may fail.

To resolve this issue, you can move to local network usage and try again.

Check that your number is registered with the Bank.

Due to this UPI application, you cannot recognize your identity and the UPI registration process fails. To resolve this issue, you need to register a mobile phone number at the Bank. Visit your bank branch and fill out a form to link your mobile phone number to a bank account.

Save only one SIM to your phone.

in some cases, the UPI App (BHIM App) may not be able to retrieve the correct SIM from your two available SIM cards. Due to this, the “UPI failed” release could get edited.How to resolve BHIM App “UPI registration failed” release
To resolve this issue, simply remove the other SIM from the phone and save your mobile phone number registered to the SIM slso

Try later as servers may be busy.

The UPI service is a fast-growing feature and is subject to frequent power outages. The problem of “UPI registration failed” may be due to that difficult server operation.You can wait a while and try again to sign up for BHIM UPI.

Disable the VoLTE feature on the phone.

One of our readers provided this excellent solution. He tried all of the above solutions and nothing worked, but then he turned off the VoLTE feature on his phone, and the BHIM UPI registration was successful.To turn off the VOLTE feature, go to Settings -> Wireless & Connectivity -> SIM Settings -> Turn off VoLTE.

turn off the volte element

Fully register your mobile phone number at the Bank (not just to receive an SMS).

Some banks only register your mobile number to receive withdrawal notifications. In this case, you need to link your mobile number with the Bank by going to the Branch. After fully registering your mobile phone number with your account, you can now sign up for an easily resolved UPI and UPI registration.

Disable Wi-Fi connection.

Sometimes a UPI application needs to be created on the Internet SIM card to verify SIM information. If you are using a Wi-Fi connection, then try turning off the Wi-Fi connection.

 Grant the required permissions in the App.

When you start the app for the first time, the app asks you to grant the required permissions. If you declined such permissions, you may experience a failed UPI registration problem. To grant permissions back to the app, uninstall the app and install it in the play store/app store.

You can also check if all permissions are allowed in the BHIM app by going to settings-> Applications -> click on All Applications and select the BHIM App -> Select permissions. Here, you can enable all the necessary permissions with the app.

Reinstall the BHIM App

If none of these methods work, you can uninstall the app and install the app by downloading it from the play store or app store.

Disable the Wifi hitting feature

A new feature called wifi calling has recently been released in India on some networks. As this feature is new and not completely uninstalled, you can get the sending and receiving SMS while subscribing to the BHIM app.To disable the wifi calling feature, go to Settings -> Network and connectivity -> Wifi dialing and turn off this feature.

disable wifi dialing to resolve bim UPI registration failed
Restart the phone and you can register in the BHIM App.

 Install the BHIM App using mobile data

One of our students Mr. Rajesh has found this solution. Thank you so much to her.Even I was facing the same problem on my iPhone. Phone number verification failed continuously. Finally, I can fix it. Attempted steps below for successful installation:Uninstall Bhim App already installed.
Perform a soft reset (Hold the Home Button + Power Button until the phone turns off and the Apple Logo comes on). Make sure Wi-Fi is off.
Download and install the app with mobile data
This time the mobile number verification has been successfully completed.

Note: Make sure you can send SMS. I had some problems with iMessage and it prevented me from sending regular SMS again.

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