How To Transfer Airtime From MTN To MTN

How To Transfer Airtime From MTN To MTN

Your mobile phone has a lot of money in it, but you don’t know how to transfer the money to another mobile phone line. It’s not hard at all, and I’ll show you how to do it step-by-step.

There are about 60 million people who use MTN in Nigeria, and there are more than 235 million people in Africa who use it, the company says.

If you use the MTN service, you can transfer airtime (credit) from one account to another account that has airtime (credit). MTN Share is open to anyone who has prepaid or postpaid service on the network, whether they’re new or old. It’s now possible to move airtime without paying any fees.

How To Transfer Airtime From MTN To MTN

It is important to change the default PIN, which is 0000, before you can start transferring air time. To change your MTN Share PIN, click this link. Send a text message to the number 777 with your Default PIN, New PIN, and New PIN, and you’ll be set. How would you send an SMS? You could send it to 777, for example, with the text “0000 1234 1234.”

Your PIN can also be changed. You can do this by texting or calling the number *777. Then, after you enter your current PIN, you can send it or press OK. To get the same result, you can call the phone number *777000012341234# and then send or OK it. Your PIN will be changed as soon as you use one of the ways to change it.

How To Change Transfer Pin On MTN

You must change your default transfer pin, which is 0000, before you can move airtime from one mobile network to another.

However, you wouldn’t want to use this pin because it was automatically given to you by MTN so that you could transfer airtime on your MTN line. When you want to change or reset your MTN transfer pin, there are two main things to do.

Change MTN Default PIN Through Text Message

When you write a message, write “Default pin [space].”

Then send this new pin to this MTN number 777.

It could look like this: if the new personal pin number is 5467, your message should read like this: 5467 0000 Then, send to 777.

Keep in mind: If you used the default pin of 0000, you won’t need to use it again. The new pin you’ll be using for transfers is 5467, and you shouldn’t give it to anyone else.

Change MTN Default PIN Through USSD Code

Using your phone, dial this code: *600*Default pin*New pin## to change the default Pin.

Suppose your new pin number is 5467. You can use your cell phone to dial *6000000*5467 * 5467 * 5467 * 5467 and send it, for example.

How To Transfer Airtime From MTN T MTN

Here, we show you how to transfer money from MTN to MTN by text message and how to transfer money from MTN to MTN by using a USSD code in less than a minute.

Transfer Airtime From MTN T MTN Using text Message

  • Make a new text message (SMS).
  • Sending a message: 2. In the body of the message, write the words “Transfer, Recipient Number, Amount of airtime to be sent, and your Transfer Pin.” As an example, you could send 08045454567 1000 5467.
  • Fill in the recipient’s phone number column with the number 777, then click “Save.
  • Send the message.
  • When you have done the four steps above, the transaction will be over and done with. In a text, you’ll be asked if you want to confirm that you bought something by texting “Yes” to the number 777.

Transfer Airtime From MTN T MTN Using USSD Code

*777*Recipient Number*Amount of airtime to be sent *Transfer PIN#. To do this, you can dial *777*080 45 45 4567*1000*5467#.

After you do the steps above, you will get a text message to say that the transaction worked out for you. Each time you make a transfer, you will be charged a fee for the service.

Frequently Asked Question

How to transfer airtime from MTN to MTN for the first time?

On your phone, dial *777*Recipient No #*Amount*PIN# and then press send/OK to send the money to the person. There is a number like *777*08045454567*1000 * 5467#. You will be told when the transfer is done.

Can I transfer airtime in kobo?

No, you can only send money in Naira amounts at this time.

What is the minimum amount of airtime I can transfer?

A single transaction can only move at least 50 worth of airtime from one MTN sim to another.

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