How to Check Kuwait Civil id Validity

How to Check Kuwait Civil id Validity

To check the expiration date and validity of a civil ID is very important for every person in Kuwait, so this is a good thing to do. Kuwaiti Civil IDs should be checked and turned off by people who live there. Why should you check your civil ID status? Because this is your Kuwaiti ID card.

Every time you want to use some public or private services in Kuwait, you need to show your valid civil identification. For example, if you want to open a bank account, you need to show your ID and other documents. Make sure you have a valid government ID.

It is also called the PACI Civil Number or Batka Al-Mamdaniya. The Kuwaiti Civil Identity Card is used to show who you are. Foreigners who get a visa to stay in Kuwait can apply for a Kuwaiti Civil ID. Work visas, dependent visas, spouse visas, investment/business visas, student visas, and other types of visas are called “residence visas.”

You must get a Civil ID as soon as you arrive in Kuwait, no matter what kind of visa you have. It’s usually a good idea to get civil ID in Kuwait within 30 days of arriving.

How to Check Kuwait Civil id Validity is the official Kuwait website, and you can check the validity of your civil ID by clicking the “Inquiring about civil ID validity” link and entering a serial number or bar code number. Checking civil and legal validity is very important. Here is the best way to do it.

To see if your Civil ID is valid. Before we find out what a serial number is in a civil ID, we need to know what it is used for first. On the back of your Civil ID, you will find a 10 digit number called your “Serial Number.” It is written there.

Steps to Check Civil id Validity

No1: is the website for the government of Kenya. Click on Civil ID and then click on the link for the website.

No2: From the links below, click on Inquiring about the validity of a civil ID.

No3: Enter a 10 Digit Serial Number or Barcode Number and click the “Query” button now to see what it is.

No4: Your Civil Validity Detail will show up on this page.

Check civil id validity By Calling

There is another way to find out if your civil ID is real. If you don’t want to use the above method, you can use another one. Call a number from your cell phone or landline and you’re all set! This is “1889988.” Voice queries are made through PACI’s system. The automated voice system will tell you how to find out if your civil ID is valid by calling this number and following the steps it gives you.

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