Noon Food Delivery Guide

Noon Food Delivery Guide

Web-Based Business Transactions at 12 Noon Noon Food is a trademark of Noon AD Holdings One Person Business LLC, a limited liability company registered in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with registration number 764928. Noon Food and its Affiliates provide Customers with a website, application, or other technological interface (the “Noon Food App”) to access the Merchant’s online store and pay for Items and, if applicable, delivery services without charging Customers any fees. In 2016, Mr. Alabbar launched Noon, an e-commerce platform that offers products in more than 14 categories, such as consumer electronics, mobile phones, beauty and wellness, apparel and accessories, and home and kitchen essentials.



The availability of service cannot be guaranteed. Noon Food and its Affiliates make no promises about the availability or uptime of the Noon Food Tools or the Noon Food App. The merchant understands and accepts that there may be times when the Noon Food Tools and App are inaccessible for any reason, including but not limited to, routine maintenance or technical difficulties with the network.

Merchant acknowledges that Noon Food and its Affiliates offer the Noon Food App and Noon Food Tools “as is” and “as available” without warranty of any kind. Neither Noon Food nor any of its Affiliates guarantees or warrants that using the Noon Food Tools or the Noon Food App will be uninterrupted or without problems.

No mistakes or disruptions will occur while I am around.

It will lead to the placement of any necessary Item orders and their subsequent delivery.

When it comes to the acts or inactions of Customers who order or receive Items and delivery services (where applicable), Noon Food and its Affiliates provide no promises or assurances. Customers are not subjected to any kind of testing or analysis by Noon Food or its Affiliates.

Using the Noon Food Tools may present Merchant or a Delivery Partner to individuals who pose a threat to Merchant, Delivery Partners, or other third parties, as acknowledged and agreed to by Merchant in this Agreement. Users of Noon Food Services and Noon Food Tools, including Merchants and their Delivery Partners, are cautioned to use common sense when interacting with any outside parties. Noon Food makes no guarantees, warranties, or representations about the safety of any Items.

We regret to inform you that we have discontinued our Noon Meal Service. In its sole discretion, Noon Food may terminate Merchant’s access to all or part of the Noon Food Services and Noon Food Tools if:

The delay or inability of the merchant to provide necessary papers;

A Brand Matter has occurred as defined by clause VI of the Order Sheet.

The buyer’s account with the retailer is overdue.

The Agreement has been breached by Merchant.


By agreeing to the Order Form, Definitions, General Supplemental Terms, and Specific Supplemental Terms governing the Noon Food Delivery Service, and subject to any additional verification steps, Merchant will be granted access to the Noon Food Tools to access and request on-demand delivery services offered by Noon Food Delivery Partners, enabling the transfer of Items from Merchant to Customer via Noon Food Delivery Partners.


Payment is required before delivery is made. Noon Food will charge Merchant a Delivery Service Fee in the amount specified in the Order Form for each Order fulfilled by Noon Food through the Noon Food App.

Transfer of Revenue

Merchant will get the whole Item Payment, less

(1) the Marketplace Service Fee

(2) the Delivery Service Fee

Thirdly, the Merchant is responsible for issuing reimbursements to customers when necessary.

(4) the Payment Processing Fee

5) Refund Policy

(6) Activation Fee

(7) The Photographic Content Fee such as final transferred amount being the “Noon Food Delivery Item” and the final transferred amount being the “Noon Food Delivery.”


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