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Online Banking Registration Of Union Bank Of India

The Union Bank of India provides its customers with a mobile banking center. You can manage your Union bank account with the Mobile App. In this guide, we will see how to do the step-by-step registration of the Union Bank of India.

Requirements for Union Bank in the India mobile bank registration

  • Your Phone number registered in a bank.
  • You must have your mobile number as you proceed with the registration process.
  • Mobile should have an effective and balanced plan to send SMS and receive OTP via SMS.
  • Bank card number, expiration date, and ATM PIN for registration on the U-mobile App

How to do online banking registration of Union Bank of India online.

  • Follow these simple steps to sign up for a mobile banking account for your Union account.
  • First, download the Union Bank Mobile App on your smartphone – Mobile.
  • Now, open the App and enable the necessary permissions on the App. allow permission required for your mobile app
  • On the new screen, select the application language. select language
  • Now, you should activate the app by verifying the SIM card on your phone. Click the Activate button.
  • Remember that the registered mobile number must be present on the mobile phone when you sign up for the U-Mobile App.
  • click the unlock button select your SIM registration SIM when using multiple SIMs in your phone.
  • Select simThe app will verify the mobile number by sending an SMS. Remember that SMS costs apply to this process.
  • Once the mobile number has been successfully verified, select the features you want to use in the App –
  • Mobile banking and UPI, Digi Purse, and Credit card control.
  • With the registration process, you can use your bank card details, online banking id, and password.
  • For now, we will use Debit card details to register at U Mobile App. enter bank card details
  • Enter your bank card number, expiration date, and ATM PIN on the screen.
  • Once the entered information is verified, you can set a Login PIN to sign in to the U Mobile App
    Now, you will get digital OTP on your mobile phone.
  • Install this OTP on the screen and set the transaction PIN for the app.
  • Note that Login PIN and Trasanction PIN must be different.
  • Remember both PINs as required every time you make a transaction in the U mobile App.
  • setup transaction Pin
  • Now, the registration process is complete. You are now signed in to the U Mobile App by entering the 4-Digit Login PIN.
  • Using these 11 simple steps, you can sign up for the U-Mobile App.

Features of U-Mobile App

  • Balance Inquiry
  • A small statement, the last nine transactions
  • Download the statement six months ago in PDF format
  • Fund Transfer Fund with NEFT Account number, IMPS
  • UPI for fast money transfer
  • Mobile charger
  • DTH refill
  • Block ATM card
  • Check Book Request

Apart from this, you can do all the right things on your mobile and avoid going to the bank and standing in line.

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