Top 9 restaurants in UAE

Top 9 restaurants in UAE

From noodles to shawarma, from sushi to steaks, the quality and diversity of Dubai eateries is astounding.

Dubai’s dining establishments have had a rough year as they’ve worked to improve their service, menus, and prices to keep up with the city’s fast transformation. We’ll eat at some of Dubai’s finest eateries so you don’t have to worry about where to go for breakfast, lunch, or brunch.


We sampled everything from fast food to gourmet dining. We eat in secret and on the house to prove that we receive the same food as you do and that you can trust our word.


We nominated our winner after consuming the greatest city for a whole year (we recognize a challenging performance when we see one). The top dining options in Dubai are listed below. All right, let’s get down to business.

BB Social Dinning

Everything you might want is here, but the things you won’t find here are tedious. The meals are the product of a brilliant culinary imagination, and the packaging, snacks, bowls, and grill plates are equally original and hip. The soft-shell crab buns and edamame hummus are just two examples of the excellent food that has been prepared with love and care. Don’t leave without trying the world-famous katsu sandos (so wonderful, they’re available for takeout), and if you have a sweet tooth, don’t go without trying the baobabs.


The fragment was really taken in London. Hutong’s reputation matches the fieriness of its chili, one of the restaurant’s key components. The platter is loaded with flavor and creativity (you’ll get it when you visit), and because you can customize the level of heat to your liking, there’s no need to skip out on the spice. A well-known international chain that has successfully opened Chinese eateries in Dubai.

21 Grams

The original Balkan fare at this little eatery is outstanding. After a brief hiatus last year, 21Grams has returned with a refreshed menu and an ambience that is as warm and welcoming to newcomers as it was to longtime patrons. Take satisfaction in your work in the kitchen; this is the greatest option for every meal, breakfast, lunch, or supper. You can count on finding tastes and delicacies you’ve never had before, such the flaky, completely more Spanakopita and the delightful meze. 21Grams should be your primary concern if it is not already.

The MAINE Land Brasserie

This is the most stylish and brightest member of the Maine tribe, while being the youngest. The atmosphere is beautiful and sophisticated thanks to the use of wood paneling and elaborate chandeliers. You’ll find a lot of familiar meals on the menu (hello, exquisite grilled octopus and mouthwatering fish tacos), but you can also order some French improvisations with high-quality grills and snails as the main character. If you’re here, save room for dessert (we recommend the custard pudding).

 LPM bar and restaurant

In addition to being a longtime

supporter of our annual list of the finest French restaurants in Dubai, LPM Restaurant & Bar has repeatedly been named the best French restaurant in Dubai. Classic dishes are plentiful but lack any real distinction. Don’t leave without trying the succulent rosé lamb chops, the flavorful dauphin Oise potatoes, and the gorgeous, jumbo prawns in olive oil. Whatever the occasion, from a first date to a business lunch, you’ll feel well at home here.

Mythos Kouzina & Grill

The coveted title goes to everyone’s favorite restaurant, JLT, for the second year running. The experience at Mythos Kouzina & Grill never disappoints. Although getting there is very difficult, we are now as close as we can get in Greece. The tiny restaurant is decorated like a classic Greek tavern and serves delicious, genuine Greek food. There are plenty of scrumptious tzatziki, as well as hot grills, salads, fresh bread, and even hamburgers made in the Greek way. It’s also a great bargain for the price.

Mama zonia

Mama Zonia is a chic cooperative shop that has it everything, from bars and restaurants to ladies’ nightclubs. Inside, the tropical greenery creates a jungle atmosphere, while outside, the terrace provides stunning views of Dubai Marina. Ceviche, sushi, barbecue, etc., are only few examples of the delicious and attractive fare available (If you are looking for something different, even curry frog legs).

Allo Beirut

Fast and informal Levantine fare is what Allo Beirut is known for. You may get the city’s greatest shawarma at one of the many brightly painted stands along the streets. Allo Beirut is a full-service restaurant that serves everything from morning fats and hot buns to grilled meats and barbeque.


You could think you’re dining far from the city’s financial sector office towers, but in reality you’re sitting next to what seems like a desert encampment for the wealthy. The modern menu has a large selection of Arabic and North African cuisine, as well as exceptional general dishes such mixed barbecue, fatty salad, and almond kunafa, all of which are influenced by the tastes of Morocco, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey.


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