Top5 best beach in UAE

Top5 best beach in UAE

The United Arab Emirates has nearly 1,300 kilometres of soft, sandy coastline, providing plenty of opportunity (and space) for enjoyable family trips to the beach.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has an abundance of beaches, making it the perfect place to relax with a book while the kids construct sandcastles (good luck with that) or to join the kids for a splash in the water (while trying not to get your hair wet, of course).

In addition, these 20 beaches may be visited for zero dollars or a very little fee. So, go ahead and soak in the sand between your toes and the sun on your nose.

Black Palace Beach

Beachgoers in Al Sufouh love the shallow waters and sandy inlet at Black Palace Beach, so named for its proximity to the private island and castle of Sheik Mohammed Sheikh Rashid Al Maktoum, Prime Minister and Vice President of the United Arab Emirates. While the sun sets over the Palm Jumeirah to the left, the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah can be seen to the right. This isolated strip of beach is a real find, and it’s often called a “hidden up gem” by the in-the-know. We’re not huge fans of that expression, but we’ll make an exception here since the area is so essentially lovely and so often deserted. Due to the location’s unexpectedness, there are no workplaces nearby; thus, you should come prepared with everything you’ll need for the afternoon.

After the Al Sufouh Road bus station, take the slip street on the right (not long before Hessa Street and around 500m before Dubai Media City).

4×4 Beach

This beach is perfect for you if you like both eating and having fun, two activities that are high on the priority lists of most families. For a fun day in the sun, you need just acquire a car, preferably a 4×4 as the name would imply, an excursion, some inflatables for the kids, and the rest of the necessary equipment. Since there are no nearby eating establishments or restrooms, we advise you to come prepared with your own refreshments. From morning to night, drivers may take their cars via the empty exit and all the way to the beach. The vast sand expanse that begins well inland and continues all the way to the water’s edge is a sight to see. Put on some factor 50 sunscreen and enjoy some time in the sunshine.

Location: near Jumeirah Beach Park, on the corner of Al Athar Road and Jumeirah Beach Road (also known as Jumeirah 2).


Al Mamzar Beach Park

Even though it’s a bit of a trip (family vacation, yahoo), this park on the Sharjah line is definitely worth the time if you can ignore the warm and fuzzy chatter coming from the backseat. The whole family may find an activity they like at one of the four nearby beaches, on the large grassy area, the sports fields, or at the little skate park.

At this lovely beach, you may go on a run, ride a jet ski, barbecue some food, swim in the water, play some roller hockey, or just play in the sand. It is surrounded by 1,600 palm trees, 300 coconut trees, and 6,000 different types of flora and greenery, and there are more than 25 BBQ pits for use (bring your own grill materials).


Bring a picnic, reserve a grill for a cheap lunch, or shop at one of the many restaurants and stores. One may use the restrooms and change rooms at the activity centre, or one can rent a chalet for the day for Dhs150 if they feel the urge to settle down for the day. This beach has several restaurants and shops, but it will cost you. However, what is a day at the beach without a frozen yoghurt? The parking is free and convenient. In a sense, women’ days are Mondays and Wednesdays.


The price is Dhs5 per person and Dhs30 per car. A short distance from Century Mall, Al Mamzar (04 296 6201).

Mercato Beach

If you want some time alone at the beach, this charming and peaceful spot is a great option. Even though it isn’t the most attractive beach, it offers the sun, ocean, and sand everything anybody could ask for in a relaxing day trip. There are also some great unusual vantage points from which to take in the Burj Khalif. Bring everything you’ll need with you, or visit the Mercato Mall across to stock up before you find your own little stretch of beach. When the sun starts to set in the late afternoon, you should check out the lovely bistros and restaurants at the nearby Jumeirah Fishing Harbor. Building 13, Floor 2, Jumeirah 2

Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach is located near the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, just before Umm Suqeim Park, and is a busy, urban beach surrounded by some of the city’s top high-rise hotels, complete with barbecue areas. It is surrounded by several restaurants and cafes, as well as modern amenities like Wi-Fi and a staff of lifeguards. In addition, if you and your family are tired of the beach and water, you can take your kids to the playground and let them run about and play as you watch the sun go down over the Arabian Gulf. Ultimately, we’re all winners. Umm Suqeim, 2C Street.


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