Top5 Travel Insurance in the UAE

Top5 Travel Insurance in the UAE

One of the Best Options for UAE Travel Insurance Whenever we plan a trip overseas, we anticipate the wonderful experiences, sights, and stories we will have the chance to bring home with us. The idea that a large number of unknowns may ruin our plans seems like fun. Accordingly, you should invest in suitable travel insurance to safeguard your safety so that nothing may come between you and your trip experience. It might be challenging to figure out which travel insurance package is the best option for your nation. For your convenience, we have compiled the following information to aid you in selecting the most suitable travel insurance policy


 AIG travel insurance

The “travel protection” insurance offered by AIG is comprehensive and designed to satisfy the demands of international travelers. Many potentially harmful activities, such as risky sports and terrorist activities, as well as medical evacuation, itinerary cancellation or limitation, and itinerary delay, are all covered by the comprehensive insurance policy. All insurance services in the world are at your fingertips. There is a specialized travel staff available to assist with claim resolution and service provision.
Purchasing insurance for your trip may be done instantly online, eliminating the need to wait around for days.
Assistance from across the world, including the United States, Europe, and Asia, is available whenever you need it.

The “Global Protection Policy” of travel is followed by AIG.

Find someone who can assist you in an emergency who speaks your language.

Getting your claim paid by AIG is a breeze.

AIG’s offerings for vacationers hoping to find comprehensive travel protection:


The “Reduce Travel Cost” button lets you ask for reimbursement of a canceled flight or hotel stay.

Whether you need to ship or drive a patient to a new facility, AIG’s “Travel Guide” can assist.

Dental care is covered as part of your insurance plan, too.

In the event that your checked bag is lost in transit, your travel insurance will cover the cost of any necessary replacement clothing and toiletries.

The meal and lodging costs incurred as a result of a flight delay of more than four hours will be covered by your insurance.

Qatar Insurance Company Travel Insurance

QIC is your trusted advisor for travel insurance, so you may feel at ease with them whenever you plan a trip. The facts show that QIC is the best option for a wide variety of passengers, and you can be certain that you and your trip will go off without a hitch. Travel Care Plus, Trip Cancellation, and Medical Expenses are all covered by QIC’s comprehensive travel insurance. Discounts of 10% are available for those who purchase a policy via the website.

What follows are some suggestions on what you should look for in a quality travel insurance plan from QIC:


Those looking for insurance for their trips to the USA, Canada, or any of the Schengen nations can look into Travel Care Plus.

In the event that you lose your baggage or your passport while traveling, the insurance will pay for the costs associated with replacing such items.

You may save money by making your purchases online as well.

More security may be added for winter sports, airline hijackings, and medical care.

MetLife Travel Insurance

As one of the best insurance companies in the world, MetLife Insurance ships its policies all over the globe.

Insurance like this is surprisingly cheap, making it ideal for families on an extended trip. The policy covers up to six dependent children.

This coverage allows you to take advantage of the many vacation opportunities available throughout the year with your loved ones.

Schengen, Umrah, and Hajj are just a few of the many travel options available to you.

HSBC Travel Insurance

You have a choice between two different HSBC Travel Insurance plans:

This program will help you get a Schengen visa in order to visit the Schengen area.


You may travel without concern thanks to the protection that your insurance policy offers against unforeseen medical costs or other travel-related emergencies.


The following perks are yours for the taking with this insurance:


If your passport has been misplaced, you should have it replaced as soon as possible.

Legal advice is available on the move.

In the event of a medical emergency, support is available.

Learn basic medical care for this policy.

In the event of an urgent need, transport is possible.

Whenever your bags go missing, don’t hesitate to submit a claim.

Union Insurance

This policy may be customized to fit your specific requirements. It protects both yearly and one-time excursions and makes sure that neither you nor your journey are hampered in any way.

The following perks are yours for the taking with this insurance:


There is help for medical emergencies if you need it.

Coverage for lost passports and checked bags.

accountable for the safety and security of electronic devices, including but not limited to mobile phones, computers, and both.

Travel with peace of mind knowing your golf clubs and ski gear are covered.

Safety measures that really work in the event of an accident.

Seek medical attention for any illness.


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