UAE driving school in sharjah

UAE driving school in sharjah

In the event that you reside in Sharjah and need to get a driving permit, you should enrol with a driving school and pass the mandatory driving test successfully. Choosing the appropriate Sharjah driving school may have a significant impact on how quickly you can earn your licence and begin driving legally in the emirate.

Sharjah is home to a handful of excellent driving academies where you may obtain the essential training and finish the mandatory procedure. Keep reading to learn more about the many driving schools available in Sharjah, including their tuition rates, phone numbers, and other useful information. The first step in applying for a driving licence in Sharjah will often need you to provide certain documentation. Here is a rundown of archives that you generally require to apply for a driving permit:


A copy of a valid Emirates ID card

No Objection Letter (NOC) (NOC)

A replica of the Residence Visa given by Emirate of Sharjah

Original valid visa and a checked copy

Four Images from Recently

While these are essential for all visa holders, at times you may be prompted to submit extra papers including


A copy of the Business License

A replica of Sharjah Chamber of Commerce Certificate SCCI

It’s a good idea for applicants to check that they already possess all the required paperwork to apply for a driver’s licence in Sharjah before moving on.


Rundown of Driving Schools in Sharjah

The majority of Sharjah’s driving schools provide instruction for both heavy and light vehicle operators. The length and expense of these programmes vary depending on whether the individual is a first-time applicant or already has a significant permit from another country. Future drivers may expect to learn about Sharjah’s transit restrictions, traffic laws, and criminal penalties, as well as the basics of operating a vehicle safely in the United Arab Emirates. Driving schools in Sharjah also help students with the process of opening records and locating relevant documentation.

In the event that you are renting a villa or apartment in Sharjah, these driving schools will be the most convenient option for you. Let’s look at the top driving schools in the emirate.


Sharjah Driving Institute, one of the city’s oldest driving schools, was founded in 1992. Numerous international and domestic customers have been assisted by the business in obtaining their first or renewal driver’s licence. There isn’t a better driving school in Sharjah than this one because of the team of certified, expert instructors who can guide young drivers.

Located: Along Sheik Khaled Bin Al Qassimi Street, Close to the Sharjah Police Department’s Traffic Division

Get in touch with us at +971-6-538-2020.

Open 7:30 AM – 6:30 PM (PST) Sunday – Thursday and 8:00 AM – 3:30 PM (PST) Saturday

Timetable: Saturday-Thursday, 6:20 am-9:00 pm for prepping


Al Deyar stands out from the competition among Sharjah driving schools because it employs more than 16 certified instructors who have been approved by the Sharjah Police driving school. It’s located in Nasiriya’s driving complex and aims to provide the greatest help in town. Having an exceptional team of female instructors to ensure the comfort of its female students, it is also the top driving school for women in Sharjah.

At Al Deyar Driving School, the cost of a single lesson ranges from AED 25 to AED 35. The school also provides courses on weekdays, non-weekend days, and in a number of other formats.


Nasariya, Sharjah, Driving School Complex.

Intricacies of contact:

Phone: (971) 6-565-6285

Adaptable: (971) 50-632-2153


New drivers may get behind the wheel with ease thanks to Al Shamsi Motor Driving School’s step-by-step instruction method. It stands out as the best among the private driving schools in Sharjah.

All new drivers, those with GCC licences, and public drivers in the UAE may take advantage of the school’s packaged training.


Initial 30 Lesson Package for Beginners: AED 2,415.00 (expats)

Five required refresher courses for GCC licensees cost AED 577.5.

AED 420 for 10 lessons for UAE citizens.

Courses have varying numbers of sessions. There are a total of 30 lessons in the Beginners’ Course; however, just 5 are required for those with a valid GCC permission, and 10 are provided for those with a valid UAE Nationality. With proof of optimal health practises, members may attend up to 2 lessons each day.


Location: Al Nasiriya, Sharjah, Driving School Complex, Al Shamshi.

Get in Touch!

Phone number : +1-971-565-5794

In a nutshell: +971-50-499-6182


You can get some of Sharjah’s best driving instruction at Al Midfa. It was created in 1990 and features a group of motivated instructors. Specifically, they are devoted to providing detailed instructions on how to follow the rules of the road in the emirate in order to avoid accidents.

Subtleties of the course for new expats drivers

Foreign nationals living in Sharjah who do not yet have a valid driver’s licence may expect to pay a total of AED 3242 for the required driving school. This fee covers the cost of three separate exams: the halting test (AED 300), the evaluation test (AED 342), and the street test (AED 300). There are a total of 30 different driving exercises available in the course, broken down into the following categories:

Putting a Halt to It: Five Activities for Initiating Preparation

Get ready for the evaluation with these 15 drills

10 Workouts for City Living

Subtleties of the course for GCC nationals and permit holders

Those with a GCC or similar licence may choose this track, which has been designed with them in mind. It includes a street test that costs AED 300 and five activities to help you prepare for it. Total cost for this training programme is AED 850.

Subtleties of the course for UAE Nationals

This one-of-a-kind driving school in the UAE is designed specifically for local Emirati drivers and costs a total of AED 1400. AED 300 is required for both the stopping and street tests in this programme.

Sharjah, Al Nasserya Driving Complex; next to Nasserya Park.

The Al Nasserya neighbourhood is home to several of Sharjah’s best driving schools. Sharjah mansion renters in neighbourhoods like Sharqan and Al Jazzat will find these businesses conveniently located nearby.

Join forces with them to have a detailed discussion on how to kick off the process of applying for a driving permit in the UAE.



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