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Ufone Internet Packages 2021

Ufone introduces a very competitive mobile internet package in 2021. There is no doubt that Ufone has introduced new services to its customers and won their hearts. For the convenience of customers, they offer daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages as per their requirements. These different packages give users the option to easily choose what suits their needs.

For the convenience of its customers, Ufone offers an affordable internet package that includes Ufone prepaid internet packages daily, weekly, monthly, 3 days, and social data. If you want to know about all Ufone Net packages, here are four daily Ufone prepaid 3G/4G packages or internet packages.

Are you looking for daily, weekly, and monthly internet packages from Ufone? Then you are on the best platform. Here, see the complete information about the Ufone Internet Packages 3G and 4G services offered by Ufone. In addition, information about the hourly internet plan of Ufone can be found here. Additionally, you can find Eid offers or Eid packages here. Ufone is a telecom service provider with GSM in Pakistan. In the Pakistani market, it was the third telecom company to join.

Ufone Daily Internet packages

There are many daily internet packages like “Special Daily”, “Daily Light”, “Daily Heavy” and “Daily Mega”. In the “Special Daily” Internet package, users get 500MB of data (Facebook, Twitter, Line, WhatsApp) from 1M to 9 pm + 50MB for only 500. 6. To activate the package, Ufone users need to dial * 3461 # or use the Ufone mobile app or website. To test the rest of the resources in this bundle, users should dial * 706 #.

Another daily internet package that offers users 500MB of WhatsApp data and 10,000 text messages for just Rs.500. 6 for the whole day. To subscribe to the ‘Daily Chat’ package, customers can go to the Ufone mobile app or dial * 3465 # from their mobile device. To check the remaining benefits for the bundle, users should dial * 706 # from their mobile device.

In the Daily Light bundle, customers will get 500MB of Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, and Twitter + 40MB of other stuff for Rs.500. 12 for the whole day. To subscribe to this amazing internet package, dial * 2256 # or use the Ufone mobile app.

Users who are interested in social media users will love this package as the ‘Daily Heavy’ package will give users data for 500MB (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line) + 500MB among other things. 18 for the whole day. Customers interested in the bundle can subscribe to their amazing offer by dialing * 2258 # on their mobile device or through Ufone’s official website or mobile app.

Prepaid customers who use most of the data at night can avail this daily internet package where they can get 2GB uninterrupted internet from 1 pm to 8 am for just Rs. 15. Interested users can activate this bundle through the “My Ufone” app or by dialing * 550 # on their mobile device. To check usage details, prepaid SIM users can dial * 706 # or use the “My Ufone” app on their smart device.

Ufone offers its customers daily packages where they get 100 minutes of Ufone, PTCL, and 10MB internet throughout the day. 18 (Including tax) Interested customers can activate the “Daily Pakistan” offer by dialing * 888 # on their mobile device.

Package NameDetailValidityPriceActivation Code
Special Daily500 MB +50 MB1 AM – 9 PMRs.5*3461#
Daily Light500 MB + 40 MB 1 DayRs.10*2256#
Mega Internet2 GB1 AM – 8 AMRs.12*550#
Daily Heavy500 MB + 75 MB24 hoursRs.15*2258#

 Ufone internet packages 3 day

Taking advantage of this offer, you will get up to 500MB of WhatsApp, Facebook, Line, and Twitter with an additional 100MB. 3 days from the date of operation and the cost of this internet package is Rs. 30. Internet service package is valid for 3 days. You will add * 3350 # to this package.

Package NamedatilepriceValidityactivation code
3 Day Bucket500 MB + 100 MBRs. 30 Incl. Tax3 daysDial *3350#

 Ufone internet packages Weekly

With the growing demand on the Internet, Ufone is also trying to provide more data volume for better Internet packages. When you have the option of a weekly internet bundle, you do not need to run a bundle multiple times. You can enjoy the use of Facebook, Instagram, or any other web services through weekly internet packages during the week. You need to sign up for the perfect internet plan that suits your needs.

You can search Facebook, Instagram, or any other web services through internet packages during the week. The world is moving forward, we are listening to emerging technology and becoming its users every day. 4G is the state-of-the-art technology in the telecom world that allows the Internet to be easily crawled, but Ufone only offers 3G services and is about to switch to 4G services. Ufone now has 3G packages available.

Ufone has a beautiful hybrid package that offers 100 Ufone, 1000 MB internet, and 100 SMS users for just Rs. 120 for 7 days (tax included). Prepaid customers should use their own mobile device * 5050 # to enable “real slap” deals.

The Ufone Weekly Internet Package subscription includes a number of packages that can be priced and timed. Now we are talking about this big internet package which helps you to access the internet with 1024 MB space. The cut lasts for a week and includes only Rs. 100 tax. Only dialing * 220 # will allow this offer.

Internet Weekly Plus users get 6GB of data for Rs. 500 a week. 175. However, users of this tender can only access 3GB of data between 1G and 8:00 AM. Users interested in the offer can dial * 260 # to avail this amazing web offer or use the ‘My Ufone App’.

Want more weekly hybrid packs? It is an ideal hybrid suite that allows users to make phone calls and surf the web at a reasonable price. Users get 100MB of data in 500MB and seven days. 100 phones for 7 days a week in Pakistan and PTCL (tax included) To activate this bid, users should dial * 8888 # from their mobile phone or use the “My Ufone” app.

The company launched SuperCard at various prices, including “SuperCard Gold”, “SuperCard” and “Mini SuperCard”. Consumers looking for a one- or two-week package can purchase Super Mini cards from nearby retailers. Users can get 600MB internet, 500 Ufone to Ufone and PTCL, 75 minutes distance from the network, 3500 SMS for 15 days at Rs. 1500. 330. By downloading “Mini Super Card”, customers can purchase this deal by dialing * 230 # on their mobile phone.

Package NameDetailValidityPriceActivation code
weekly light2 GB + 250 MB7 DaysRs.50*7811#
super weekly internet1.2 GB7 Days Rs.100*220#
weekly internet plus3 GB7 DaysRs.150*260#
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer 1 GB, 100 SMS, 100 On-net 7 DayRs.120 *5050#
Ufone Super Internet1 GB7 DaysRs.130 *220# or *3#
Weekly Super Internet Package1 GB7 daysRs.100*220# or *3#
Ufone Weekly Internet Plus 6 GBs (3GB from 1 AM to 8 AM)7 DaysRs.175*260#

Ufone internet packages monthly

The monthly internet package is suitable for both internet and business people. Without the package expiring, they can use the internet non-stop for a whole month. The best choice for surfing the Internet is the Ufone 3G Mobile Internet Suite. Just when they have to do a task or do some kind of Google browser, students do not need a large number of data packets that require internet.

In this case, you do not need to spend much on the package, just choose the package that suits your needs. Ufone also offers various monthly data packages to its customers. Now just once a month, run a pack and enjoy the rest of the day. Ufone offers full details of all packages without any hidden costs and additional payment strategies. As of now, both 3G Internet Packages and Ufone are constantly changing these packages to make them more accurate and user-friendly.

The ‘Super Internet +’ package allows users to receive 5 GB of WhatsApp data + 8 GB of data for other items within 30 days. 499 drawings. When you dial * 290 # on your mobile device or go to Ufone’s official website or payment app, SIM users who are interested in this offer can subscribe to this amazing offer. As with other deals, by dialing * 706 #, customers can track the remaining pounds

The Ufone Internet package has very fast 3G services that provide without any interference. Ufone still aims to provide a number of services to boost consumer confidence. Ufone has seen both competitors and customers and offers customer services and packages that allow customers to stay connected with Ufone.

Customers get 150 off-network minutes, 1000 Ufone and PTCL minutes, 4000 SMS, 1200MB internet for 30 days through Super Card. 570. Customer earns 180 unlimited Facebook and Ufone minutes and unlimited Facebook data for Rs. 500 in a month. 599 Super Cards SuperCard offers 300 off-net minutes, 5GB Facebook, Ufone, PTCL, and unlimited texting per month to 999 users. The RS 999 off-network card is the best card.

After upgrading Mobile Balance, users interested in this transaction request * 5100 # for active use on their mobile device. Users also enable the deal through Ufone’s official website or mobile app.

Ufone users will be able to search for 2 GB (Facebook, Twitter, Line, WhatsApp) + 1 Monthly Light in the “Monthly Light” package for 30 days Get Ufone customers need to reload the balance with Rs.500. Download 390 to activate this set. Just dial * 7807 # or go to Ufone mobile app to get this interesting bundle of internet. After recharging the balance.

This great monthly package can be purchased by customers who have a strong use of mobile internet. In the ‘Monthly Elevation’ package, customers will be given a mobile fee of Rs.500. 770 on 2GB (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Line) plus 3GB data for the whole month. Interested users can enable the group on their mobile devices or dial * 803 # using the Ufone mobile app.

For an entire month, Social Monthly provides users with 1 GB of information for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp for Rs 60. To participate in this bid, prepaid customers should call * 5858 # on their phones. Other services can be tried by dialing * 706 # or by visiting the Ufone Mobile Official Application.

Like the weekly hybrid packages, Ufone also offers a huge monthly super card that allows customers to easily try all the services. At three price points, the company sold super monthly cards: Rs 570, Rs 599, and Rs 999.

package NameDatileValidityPriceSubscribeUnsubscribe
Ufone Sim Lagao Offer 6 GBs, 6000 SMS, 6000 On-net minutes30 DaysRs. 0 Incl. TaxDial *5000#
Ufone Social Monthly Package1 for Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp30 DaysRs. 60 Incl. TaxDial *5858# or *3#
Ufone Super Card Plus2 GB, 4200 SMS, 1200 On-net Minutes, 180 Other network minutes30 Days Rs. 599 Incl. TaxDial *250#

Monthly Heavy 3GB Bundle
3 GBs30 DaysRs. 780 Incl. TaxDial *803#
Ufone Nayi SIM Offer1 GB for Internet, 500 SMS, 500 On-net Minutes30 DaysRs. 50 Incl. TaxDial *1000#
Free WhatsApp for 90 days (5GB/Monthly)
To Check remaining Bundle: Dial *706#
Super Card (550 Per Month)1.2 GB, 4000 SMS, 1000 On-net Minutes, 150 Other network minutes30 DaysRs. 550 Incl. TaxLoad Super Card
Ufone Monthly Max Offer10 GBs with 2 GB Social Media30 DaysRs. 1000 Incl. TaxDial *3350#
Ufone Monthly Lite Package1000 MBs Including 2 GB Social data30 DaysRs. 390 Incl. Tax Dial *7807#
Monthly Lite Cashback Offer1000 MBs Including 2 GB Social Data30 DaysRs. 250 Incl. Tax Dial *3#
Obtain Rs. 50 cashback
Obtain Rs. 50 cashback
Ufone Super Card Gold5GB Internet + free Facebook, Unlimited on-net minutes, unlimited SMS, 300 off-net minutes30 Days Rs. 999 Incl. TaxDial *900#
Ufone Super Internet Plus8 GBs + 5GB for WhatsApp30 Days Rs. 499 Incl. TaxDial *290#
Ufone Monthly Pakistan Offer 400 MBs, 4000 on-net minutes30 Days Rs. 418 Incl. TaxDial *8888#Dial *8880#
Ufone Super Card Gold10GB Internet + 2 GB Social data30 Days Rs. 1560 Incl. TaxDial *5100#

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