Visa-free countries for UAE residents

Visa-free countries for UAE residents

U.A.E. locals might benefit greatly from getting out of the nation for a break after a lengthy period of stay. But in our world, when there are so many restrictions on travel, where do you really go? The hassle of obtaining a visa also seems like too much trouble. In light of this, we have included a directory of countries that provide visa-free travel to citizens of the UAE, as well as those that are open to tourists.

Don’t waste time worrying about obtaining a visa; go on that vacation you’ve been planning for months!

U.A.E. locals might benefit greatly from getting out of the nation for a break after a lengthy period of stay. But in our world,


We suggest beginning the process of reserving your visit and transportation as early as possible if you plan on timing your trip to coincide with one of the major public events in the UAE. In most cases, the price of these tickets goes through the roof just before the peak season.
Let’s get started with the list of mobility impediments that don’t need a visa for UAE residents.


Sri Lanka, often called the Pearl of the Orient, is a picture-perfect island in the Indian Ocean that every ecotourist should visit at least once. When planning to visit Sri Lanka as a resident of the United Arab Emirates, it is necessary for you to submit an ETA application on the official government website of Sri Lanka. The validity of this ETA will be 30 days.
Regardless of your vaccination history, there are a few precautions you should take before visiting Sri Lanka. The first requirement of the country’s Travel and Tourism department is proof of a reservation at a “level 1 inn.” Sri Lanka’s official tourism website has a searchable database of all available hotels, categorised by price and quality.
A negative RT-PCR test result is needed no later than 72 hours before departure. If your trip will last more than 5 days, you’ll also need to submit to a PCR test for appearance and a left test. Having purchased a domestic travel insurance policy is also required.
Sri Lanka is one of the most frequented locations among the without visa nations for UAE residents, and it’s easy to understand why. This diverse island provides everything you might want in a vacation spot, from fascinating ancient ruins to beautiful beaches and breathtaking mountains.
Hikkaduwa, Arugam Bay, Mirissa, and those are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to surfing hotspots in Sri Lanka. Nuwara Eliya and Kandy both have wonderful tea terraces. Adam’s Peak, along with many Buddhist and Hindu temples, is only one of many unforgettable romantic destinations.
Yala National Park and the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage are two great destinations if you have a passion for wild animals. The Turtle Hatchery is another great tourist attraction.
Sri Lanka provides a well-rounded vacation experience and is one of the few countries that does not need a visa for visitors from the United Arab Emirates. According to the local lingo: “Ayubowan!”


The Maldives are perfect for those who want to combine adventure with peaceful beaches, clear sky, and glittering sands. Visas are issued in the Maldives based only on the applicant’s physical presence (which is legitimate for 30 days). If you haven’t had your shots, you’ll have to wait 14 days in quarantine before you may go anywhere on the island.
If you were vaccinated, luck was on your side. Beyond lounging at a luxurious resort, the Maldives offer a plethora of exciting activities (which are galore on this wonderful island). These islands are a haven for those who love water activities. Flying on the water, tubing for pleasure, parasailing, leaping, and surfing are just some of the options.
When it comes to five-star hotels, the archipelago offers a small handful of options. Visit online booking sites and reserve a room at a hotel that best suits your preferences.
The weather is somewhat temperate compared to the UAE, so you may plan a trip here in the middle of summer without worrying about overheating. On your dream vacation to the Maldives, you can expect to be pampered and refreshed.


Georgia is one of the visa-free countries for citizens of the UAE, so if you’re a fan of collecting experiences, it should be one of the first places you visit.
Residents of the United Arab Emirates may get a 90-day visa for Georgia upon arrival. If you’ve been inoculated, you may skip the 14-day quarantine period, but you still need to provide proof of a negative PCR test at least 72 hours before your travel.
Many interesting places may be found in Georgia. Vardzia, Uplistsikhe, Mtatsminda Park, the Narikala Fort, and many other tourist attractions await visitors. If you’re looking for a place to kick back and have fun, there are a number of nightclubs and pubs in the area.


Azerbaijan is a fascinating blend of Eastern and Western traditions due to its location at the crossroads of Southwest Asia and Southeastern Europe.
At the moment, citizens of the UAE may get a visa for Azerbaijan by just showing up in person. To fly, you’ll need proof of vaccination, much as a negative PCR test is necessary 72 hours before takeoff.
Azerbaijan is well-liked by vacationers on a tight budget since it is an affordable destination. It’s got a city side with skyscrapers and progress, and a rural side with museums and playgrounds.

Visa-Free Destinations for Pakistani Passport Holders In The UAE

If you are a citizen of Pakistan, we have compiled a list of countries that either do not need a visa or just require an electronic visa. To confirm whether an e-visa is necessary, we advise checking with the relevant government migration strategy. Travel regulations vary widely amongst the United Arab Emirates’ several emirates. U.A.E. citizens arriving in Sharjah or Dubai are required to take a PCR test at the airport and are advised to wait at home for the results.
Unless you’re coming from one of the countries on the “Green List,” all visitors entering Abu Dhabi must undergo a 14-day quarantine at home.
We hope that you have a wonderful time on your next vacation to one of the countries that does not need a visa from UAE citizens. All of these drawbacks have attractions and activities that are well worth experiencing.

If you’re not up for leaving the United Arab Emirates, you may still have a good time without venturing too far from the mainland. You might choose to live it up on a short-term Desert Safari in Dubai, or in the Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi. Everyone should pack their bags, tie their shoes, and take a weekend trip out of Dubai.

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