Vox City Centre Cinema Mirdif

Vox City Centre Cinema Mirdif

Majid Al Futtaim’s VOX Cinemas is the region’s biggest and most rapidly expanding cinema chain. City Centre VOX Theatres Mirdif is undoubtedly one of the UAE’s most well-known cinemas.



The Dubai location of Vox Cinema situated on Level 1 of City Centre Mirdif. Vox Cinema has introduced IMAX Sapphire, an all-premium seating theatre with an unprecedented level of immersion, to City Centre Mirdif. The VOX Cinemas in City Centre Mirdif has over twenty screens and can seat over two thousand five hundred people. Going to the movies at City Centre Mirdif is made simpler with convenient access, a private prayer room, and lots of parking. There are three general film genres:


Movies are best seen in IMAX, where every detail is magnified for a more immersive viewing experience. The best theatres to see the latest blockbusters are IMAX theatres due to its larger curved displays, superior sound system, and comfy seating.


You may have supper and a movie in the theatre, making it the ultimate in opulent entertainment. The private lounge is a great place to order from the gourmet menu and enjoy some refreshing mocktails.


Cinema geared at kids is made with their passion for the medium in mind. New animated features and kid-friendly action flicks are available for families to enjoy together. Additionally, they made the theatre appear great by decorating it in bright colours, exactly the way kids appreciate it.

Great munchies complement any film. It doesn’t matter whether you’re craving sweet or salty popcorn, chocolate treats, or something a bit more refined, the food and drink options at VOX Cinema will not disappoint.


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