World renowned fiction writer Shama Khalid has passed away

World renowned fiction writer Shama Khalid has passed away

World-renowned fiction writer Shama Khalid has passed away. Noticeable Urdu writer Shama Khalid died after a lung disease. In their fantasies, the light of life was consuming in each tone.A decent brain and positive reasoning make it straightforward the severe real factors of life. It isn’t unprecedented to be related to any workmanship for quite a long time.

World-renowned fiction writer Shama Khalid has passed away

She chose to take on the conflict of existence with the pen. She kept on pushing ahead in this war, paying little heed to triumph or overcome, she was never voracious for acclaim and accomplishment. She proceeded to compose and push ahead. In this innovative excursion, she kept on giving blessings of books to her perusers.

Shama Khalid went through his whole time on earth in the water of pen, Stony Face 1985, Snapshot of Information, 1990, Face Acknowledgment, 1995, Quest for Lost Minutes, 2003 and Stories on Shut Lips.

He has so far finished 8 propositions and one M.Phil. She says that so far I have expounded on 200 books. I frequently wonder why I composed fiction and the appropriate response comes from the heart what else I would do.

Unmistakable Urdu author and essayist Ahmad Nadeem Qassim composed on the event of the distribution of Shama Khalid’s first assortment of fiction “Stone Face” around 40 years prior that “Shama Khalid’s fictions depend on the real world and they are these fictions. She writes in a reasonable manner that the prerequisites of workmanship are met and some secret realities about society keep on being uncovered. This is the lovely method of telling or composing a story that has come here through Chekhov, Mopsan, Manto, and BWorld renowned fiction writer Shama Khalid has passed awayedi.

Ahmad Nadeem Qasmi said that Shama realizes that the prospects of any classification can’t be dispensed with and accordingly the prospects of sensible stories can be completely abused even today. There is no arrangement of flame study and perception. Each occasion or character that comes into their experience. As a wound story, it is straightforward and expressive.

Shama recounts a story in a conversational style. Hence, there is no craftsmanship presentation and she doesn’t communicate the uniqueness of an occasion or the full translation or expression of a character. She is a valid and fair narrator and accordingly her One can certainly anticipate that his future as an author would be splendid on the off chance that he proceeded with his creative undertakings.

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